Transfer Season 2019

Would appreciate if someone could send on list through DM also… Thanks

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Me too please

Would like to see if as well if anyone has it thanks

Would like the list as well if anyone could get around to sending it to me thanks a mil

I forgot they were promoted. It makes their transfer requests all-the-more-baffling.

… which makes my last post totally irrelevant!

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Is mise too on the transfer list please

Would love a copy of the list, if its on the go please! :kissing_closed_eyes:

@DUB09 is giving them out on the hurling thread

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My PMs still de-activated following that unfortunate Ponzi scheme.


Well if everyone else is getting a cop I may as well have one!!!

Could some DM me the list please

OK, me as well please for the list, GRMA

The lad who scored winning goal for Raneleigh in junior championship apparently transferred from Claregalway the day before the final. Now he on transfer again list to transfer to Na Fianna from Claregalway. :thinking::thinking:

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Maybe he transferred back after the final

Never transferred back according to transfer list. Should have been transferring from Ranleigh to Na Fianna

Look at the names lads the lad who transferred into ranelagh is called Richard the guy on that list is his brother Eoghan

My bad. Was told the lad who played in final was going to Na Fianna which is now incorrect.

Eoghan Commons play with Galway 21? Heard that name

Is he a midfielder ! Wasn’t one of the Na Fianna lads on here saying they need to bring in a couple of midfielders from outside :sweat_smile: