Transfer Silly Season 2018

Mods may not allow this but rather than have numerous threads been overtaken by transfer gossip and maybe even some truth why not just have a dedicated thread to the Gaa transfer season? If only we had a computer game like Football Manager to compare players like Sky Sports use when discussing transfers

James McCarthy leaving Ballymun/Everton to join Celtic

Ah heyore


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Does anyone know what the cut off dates are for submitting a Transfer application (within Dublin) ?

Transfer window is the seven days after the county convention, which will be in early December.

Transfer season every year under rule is from midnight on December 1st to 5-30pm on December 8th. Same rule applies to juvenile and adult.


Sky are doing a transfer deadline special from 6pm to midnight on December 8th … from Vincent’s clubhouse …


When did that come in?its a good idea.

Could you imagine Marty & Co doing a Sky Sports transfer deadline special.

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Six or seven years ago. If December 8th falls on a Saturday or Sunday it’s 10am on the following Monday.

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Fair enough. I finished up at the end of 2012 and my memory is it was still the seven days after convention at that time. May be wrong.

When are transfers listed out to club secretary’s? Last Friday was the deadline.

Transfer list & requests sent out to clubs this morning.

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anyone have the list?

Sorry Stato, your transfer request to the Mayo Blog was denied…


Lads if anyone has the list can they pm it to me. Stuck in hospital and could do with some reading especially if it’s interesting :thinking:

Get well soon S.

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Could someone pm me the list if possible, thanks.

Hope all’s well Sneakers.

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