Transfer Silly Season 2018

Just put the list here for god sake. Every year we go through this, everyone eventually knows.

Let it happen . . . . Or PM me the list :wink:

Would like it too :+1:

Get well soon @sneakersotoole

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I hear Vins are having trials on the 23 December

I think there are three looking to join with one looking to leave. Compared to other clubs we’re virtually anonymous on the list :wink:

Name and shame! :rofl:

Or throw up a few figures!

In fairness an awful lot seem to be lads transferring in one code only where clubs can’t provide hurling/football. Doesn’t seem to be any contention at all in the list that I can see. It’s so difficult now if the club won’t agree that I think the era of big name transfers is over.

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Is the main transfer rumour discussed here earlier this year on the list?


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Best for all concerned, in my opinion. I hope his career can thrive from where he is.

I’ll appreciate the list too. Has it been sent to club secretary’s yet?

It has. That may be the place to get it for people.

Daniel St Ledger from Sylvestors to Clann Mhuire is an interesting one.

If anyone has the list would love a PM something to look at during the day

Your transfer went through to Shellbeville :sunglasses:

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I feel someone could pm list or post it that would be great cheers

Thought it was monicas anywhere but Shellbeville !!!

Donie Vaughan transferred to Castlebar Mitchels from his home club in Mayo

He has his reasons.

  • Lives in Castlebar, and has business there (business is also in Ballinrobe, but so what).
  • Cuts out the gruelling 20 minute commute for training.
  • Ballinrobe being graded at Intermediate this year. Castlebar are of course Senior.

Maybe it’s a rash decision (he has a history of those, see AIF for details), but the CB approved it.

I would think that this shows the slide from smaller to bigger clubs is now a national thing.


True happening everywhere
Moorefield have 2 O’Connors from Kerry even though both live in Naas.
Lomans Mullingar have Ken Casey from Offaly
Simonstown have ex Mayo player James Kilcullen playing for them

Dr Crokes had 2 players that transferred in on their winning team last year. Nemo had various imports over the years too.

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If anyone has this list, could you pm please? thanks