Transfers 2020

What is the window for transfers within Dublin?

Lodged by December 8th I think? Not sure on decision date

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Won’ t be too long before we get the "Can someone pm the list " posts

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Please and thanks in advance :smiley:
ah no, best job is for someone to post up a dropbox/ temporary link that is valid for a few days, after that you have missed the boat and will be blocked if you keep asking for the list to be PM’ed, I seen the craic last year.

It’s a tradition at this stage.


Due to GDPR I don’t think the list can be posted publicly any more

is that true? because the intercounty transfer list is always available

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Does anybody actually understand what GDPR is?

It was once half of a divided Germany before the Berlin wall came down, wasn’t it? German Democratic People’s Republic?


I do but I’m not allowed to tell you :roll_eyes:


If the club you’re a member of was personal data you couldn’t have match programs!

So transferring clubs might be something people want to keep private, but it wouldn’t fall under GDPR.


In its most simplistic terms , there’s data and sensitive data , there’s the retention of data and your deletion policy , there’s the control of data and exposure of data to third parties , unfortunately as it’s incredibly boring and a current catchphrase it’s probably one of the most misquoted pieces of legislation we have

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Yes but it’s a good one to use when some fooker cold calls you with some stupid fookin survey or special offer. Took me while to get Irish gas to stop calling me it was only when I mentioned GDPR they stopped. The next day they started calling my wife!

Michael Deegan transferred back to Ashbourne. John O’Loughlin left Brigids and transferred back home to Laois

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Mick senior is the new manager in Ashbourne so fair to assume that’s why he went back

Can someone PM me the list please?

And since I’m the first to ask, I’ll volunteer to accept all future requests via PM so that the thread isn’t clogged up with posts of "Can someone PM the list "


Plus never good enough for Dublin Seniors

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if you have this could you please PM…also Happy Christmas to all resdubs :slight_smile:

Definitely not. But fine footballer who’ll be a miss to NaF (I know he hardly played this year).