Transfers Dec 2022

Club Transfer open shortly. Email from CCC just circulated to clubs.

The Annual Transfer Season for players wishing to transfer between Dublin Clubs as per County Bye-Laws opens at midnight on Thursday 1st December and closes at 5-30pm sharp on Thursday 8th December

I am writing to all clubs in advance of the forthcoming transfer window - inter-club transfer applications will be accepted between 1st December and 5.30pm on 8th December in accordance with our Byelaws. Transfer applications must be signed by the Secretary of the new club before being submitted to the relevant CCC for processing.

A strategic focus for the Dublin County Board over the past number of years has been to work closely with clubs to support their development, particularly newer clubs throughout Dublin.

These developments are obviously in the long-term interests of promoting Gaelic Games and growing participation levels. However, there is emerging evidence that the growth and sustainability of smaller clubs is being potentially compromised by their larger neighbouring units. There is also a mistaken belief among parents that young players have an increased chance of being selected on Dublin county panels if they are from a large club.

It is in this context, that I am specifically asking clubs not to sign inter-club transfer forms for players seeking to transfer to them without first contacting the Chairperson / Secretary of their existing club. This is to determine the existing club’s view on the transfer and the impact on the future viability of the existing team and the wider implications for that club.

Kind regards,

John Costello



Good man John. Calling it as he sees it.


Or as he read it on Resevoir Dubs!

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Bravo , I endorse 100%

PS Just getting it out there as per every year , can I have a copy when available :rofl:


Is this a mistaken belief, though? Is the reality something a bit more unfortunate?

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Can only speak from experience , A Dunphy played div 3 we played against him every year it was not a great Bridgids team, both him and my son started out under 13 in dev squads and stayed until minor
Same league B Ryan, Craobh Ciaran , few Erins Isle ,
I saw players dropped from Boden n Crokes over the years , Tommy Kinnane off Mearnog played all the way up a mid table Div 2 team if I’m not mistaken
There are countless others I could mention, but point made, I can honestly say playing Div 3 and Div 4 did not hinder anyone I saw

There was a time when it was accepted practice that you needed to play top level to be NOTICED County board have done a great job in erradicating that


Totally. It’s a myth at this stage. And has been for a long time


Fair enough - happy to hear that that is the case.

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Just look at a typical minor panel these days.

Does it not hurt them at adult level ? You rarely see anyone from a proper junior team on any sort of a Dublin senior panel

When you look at the fact Mick Fitzsimons was on the Cuala Minor B team it shows that all players develop at different ages. Over the years I’ve watch young superstars being mentioned here and elsewhere only for a few years later posters ask what ever happen to him and does he even play at all anymore.

I can also say with confidence that 95% of all the high profile transfers I’ve seen over the years never work out long term.

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Junior is one thing , but I doubt that’s what Costello was referring to , it was the perception that you can’t get noticed if your with a smaller club
Well that’s been pretty much shown up to be horseshit , if your good enough you will make it
C Kilkenny , E Lowndes , c Costello, J McCaffrey , P Flynn , P Smyth none of their clubs were Div 1 clubs


If you’re not on a development squad by sixteen chances are you’re not going to make it. There are no unknown gems in Dublin anymore. The spitting system hoovers them up by the time they’re minor.


We had a lad club thought he’d a bit about him , call was made Development lads said bring him down , he got onto squad after a few training sessions, hung around for about two years , point being the management lot were open to anything new that could bring something


Any notable players moving this year?

if you look at the spread of clubs underage the last few years it very much backs that up.

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Ciaran redden gone to na fianna

Anyone got a copy of the transfer list id appreciate private message, thanks


PM’d you list

so everyone can ask @Damothedub for it now.

150+ applications vast majority of them agreed between clubs. Only one I was surprised with was a Dublin Minor hurler looking to move to Lucan but it was refused, don’t want to mention name as lad might be under 18. Strange to see a club with such massive numbers looking to gain another player.

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No it’s not, unfortunately.

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