Transfers Dec 2022

Agreed is it or he just looking for it

Will he make that forward line if or does go through ??

Belt in nuts to Maurs


And 10 hurlers gone to Skerries.

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I don’t think Maurs objected. Will probably replace Michael Day in midfield.

Go on Liamo, send it on to me😉. Damos to busy.

Sent onto Bart , that’s the third poster I’ve given , please PM message Bart he now takes up the baton


Looking for a copy also please

I’ll have a copy too please :slight_smile:

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Is Ronaldo on the list ?:thinking:


Would take a copy of it too , if anyone can send

Try Waltzer of Liam :wink:

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Fokls, for some reason the link Damo sent me is not working when I tried sharing with Liam.

I’ll take a copy too please

Ah sure, seeing as it’s almost Christmas, can somebody please gift me a copy too?

No. Reason is no club wanted him

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If someone could pass on the list, I’d appreciate it

would also be grateful if someone could send me list. thanks

Thanks for the list @Worrier :+1:

Strange one that. What age is he now ? V surprised Maurs ratified it, they cant afford to be losing guys of his calibre I’d have thought.

Could someone pm me the list please .

Could someone pm me the list aswell please?