Folks, when does the transfer window open for Dublin club transfers? Is it the whole month of December or just a week in December? Not looking for people to start rumors or anything just looking for the window dates.

Came across this on last night.Wooly is some man for talking Sh**e too. But its a bit of publicity for O Tooles

It’ll be one week. Your club secretary will be notified of the dates. Otherwise there will little or no publicity of it.

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Thanks Alan

Below is information re: Juvenile transfer window, not sure if the adult window is the same period.

The Annual Transfer Season for players wishing to transfer between Dublin Clubs opens at midnight on Thursday December 1st and closes at 5-30pm sharp on Thursday December 8th.
Regardless of age a Transfer is required to be submitted if a player wishes to move club ( even if a player didn’t play this year 2016).
There is only one transfer window.

I’m nearly sure the window is the same for adults.