Just travelled from Rathfarnham to Dublin airport and through security. Left D14 at 12.20 through security at 13.25, that included dropping the car at the red car park. Now I did not have any bags to check in as it’s an overnight. The majority of delays are are caused by travellers not knowing what you can have in carry on luggage. Has anyone had any really bad experiences with security times?


Know a fair few who have flown and no major issues, they seem to have sorted it out largely.

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Bags dropped and through security in 30 mins last Sat morning.

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It’s basically been sorted.

It’s unpopular to say but the day when it all fell apart, we know exactly why. It didn’t happen again to anything like the same extent. Hard to function when a heap of people don’t show up for work.

Unquestionably there were issues the DAA messed up. But that day was by no means all their fault.


The week before Easter, we travelled to Paris with Aer Lingus (T2 departure). Parked the car in the red car park at ALSAA at 3.00pm, got the shuttle bus to T2, dropped our bags at the self-service baggage counter and were through the far side of security by 3.15pm!
T’was a different story coming back through CDG a few days later. I was sure we were going to miss our flight, until one of the check in staff came down looking for any passengers to ‘Dooblon’ and we were able to escape the never ending queue for security that we were in! Flight departure was delayed by almost an hour, probably because of the delays that we and another Irish family experienced.

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When I went through 2 weeks ago security was the same. You would swear a lot of people didnt know the rules. Full bottles of shampoo & sun cream. Large bottles of water, not taking belts or boots off. All delaying the security checks.

In saying that if you travel through Shannon there is no liquid restrictions as they have the upgraded security measurements. It is possible that other airports have this security system and it is adding to the confussion. I do believe that this system is coming to Dublin in the very near future.

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I’d start sending them to the back of the queue. Be quick enought not to forget the next time around


By and large the major issues are 4-7 a.m. if you’re flying any later than that you’ll be fine.

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In 2008 meself and a few mates went to see Neil Young in Cork . Flew down on mon morning and flying back Tuesday evening ( don’t tell Eamon ). I had got sunburnt standing on the hill on the Sunday. Wife insisted I bring sunblock . As we were on-an internal flight I just thought nothing of it. Dublin airport straight through no question. At cork yer wan says can’t bring it through. I started to argue like an eejit saying no issue bringing it from Dublin airport. She gives me this withering look as if to say (a) that’s the rules and ( b) what fucking eejit brings sunblock to cork :joy:. I just threw it into the bin.

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Body and bag scanners like schipol is too difficult for our government

Theres quite a short list of things in life that completely boil my piss and Dublin Hurling randomness and Airport Stupidity is right up there.

There should an overheard in Dublin just for Dublin Airport.

People, normal people turn into complete fcukwits when it comes to travel. Signs everywhere no liquids etc and low and behold liquids in the bags. Do you have a latop in the bag sir? No! Then why is there a latop in your bag? Oh fcuk right off! :roll_eyes:

Place all eletronic items in the tray, including phones…Why do I have to do that? :unamused:

Is this your bag? I dont know. :sleeping:

Then the best one of all.

Turn right to departure, your flight is at gate 25 and depart at 10am.
For some reason the same ■■■■ above turns left! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and gives out they cant find their flight!

Seen it with down to through years, excused of course if its your first flight ever, other than that…back of the que! Or instant fine! €50 quid will sharpen the logic on many a traveller!


issue is people turning up too early , and creating a surge from 4.30 am onwards

you’d see interviews after the shit show a few weeks ago , people turning up 5 or 6 hours early for mid morning flights

i flew to London the week after the bad weekend in April , and to Brussel’s the Friday before the last shit show on the Sunday with people missing flights.

was busy (way too busy for that hour of the morning) but grand - things moved along


Could you not just’ve payed to check the suncream as baggage?


Flew AL from Frankfurt to Dab-linn t’other day. Only one check-in desk open. We were early because previous long-haul in from Singapore had to give us enough time for possible delays. We checked in online in the hopes of a bag-drop option, as we had alot of bags.
Not to be, and option B, das Aer Club lane, would’ve made it a doddle but nobody manning/personing that desk :roll_eyes:

The new AL carry-on/stow 10kg in hold baggage system took me a while to figure out and confirm when booking, as the penalty is expensive if you end up overweight at check-in. (Also we had flights where couldn’t check baggage through, imagine AL not being partnered with Lufthansa etc, doesn’t make sense).

Anyway also not having been able to confirm that baggage allowance can be pooled we ended up spending a good while moving stuff around our 4 bags, (luckily a weighing/packing area was available, though the scales was dodgy). In the end turns out one can pool all baggage allowance but AL website had made that seem unlikely as they don’t call the 10kg bag “checked baggage”, just “leave it at ‘the counter’ to be stowed”.

Too many experiences of being stung by the likes of Ryanscare and occasionally AL over this and that has made us paranoid of trying to sort stuff on the day, at best usually ends up lots of stress.
Frankfurt Airport security was slow with a period of lengthening queue but twas ever thus.
AL boarding was very early but they still allowed a last-minute crowd boarding (it’s all by bus to the plane there) which while frustrating for early boarders was heartening to know as i was expecting the new normal to be even more ruthless procedure than 3 years ago.

Personally I much prefer boarding in the later group so get time to do shops, have a drink/snack before being coralled for ages in the final boarding area.

Correct, some of the larger transit international airports have huge airside and security facilities able to cater for that but Dublin isnt one of them. Its designed to arrive a couple of hours before, buy something, and your gone.

Flight to spain on sunday is at 7.20pm, any recommendations on what time to arrive at the airport? The wife wants us there at 2!

Drop her off at 2. Enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet and then rock on up yourself at 4.30-5.00pm.


Madness, 4.45pm will be plenty of time.

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Thanks for the advice - I might drop her and the kids for 2 and go and enjoy a few pints in peace somewhere closeby :slight_smile:

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