Trials for the county team

Do they happen in hurling? If not should they?

I know Daly said they scoured the county but found nothing better then what he had but did they really take in as many clubs as possible? Also if a top top player down in junior c has all the traits but is in an overall poor team he could be missed out where as in trial games against lads from senior clubs he could show what he’s capable off. W hat I mean is a lad could be a super wing forward but doesn’t get enough ball from his defenders or enough support from other forwards to show how good a player they are but in a trial game would have lads around him to bring out the best in him.

Maybe I’m too old school believing in trials or too hopeful that there’s something out there that we’ve missed to date.

Lads are being watched from the age of 13. Development squads mean that no one really gets missed.

Not sure they are doing what they should. Producing an awful lot of players of similar style. Plus looking at lads at 13? Some players might not develop until 16 when the likelihood is that the Arrabawn squad is already in place with lads watched since 13. Development squads are not the be all and end all and can’t be picking up on all the talent out there

The squads are not set in stone. Players come in, are let go, play their way back in again all the way to minor.

I don’t think they’re missing anyone. Soon Conroy would be a good example of that.

When GC started he brought in a load of lads to have a look at them

I was being watched from the age of 11. But it was by the Guards .,…


In order for trials for the senior team, I believe it is essentially lads who have been on (or around) minor and 21 panels who get the call up to a training panel/matches from time to time. Other than that, trials don’t really happen.

I was a fan of the Intermediate team, it’s a shame that fell through all those years ago. It could be a good way to have a look at more players and potentially widen the pool.

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And the christian brothers i’d say.

Dont know much about the hurling set up, but dont think the football is set up so they dont miss anyone. Maybe not in Vins, Boden or Crokes and the likes but you could have lads in lower leagues that would be very good players, but their age group in that club is a bad year unfortunately, so they are playing in a lower league most years and will not be noticed

Don’t believe that’s true either. Years ago Raheny had a lad on a Dublin minor panel from Division 6. I don’t believe there are players being missed. There are so many people watching them now between club coaches, development officers, county selectors. It’s just not an issue.

There have been plenty of lads over the year from weak teams on Dublin panels.

Id agree with Alan, they miss very few players, I played on development squads despite thinking I never had a chance cos I was playing Divison 5 and getting bet out the gate every week.

There may be a few who deserve a trial sometimes overlooked but certainly no player who should be on a minor team would be missed in the current set up. It’s far to professional and well organised these days.

There are very few clubs whose first teams are down at those levels. The likes of Realt Dearg do not have any Dubs playing with them as far as I know.

I have seen most of those club teams which you are referring to and they have some good players, and some of those have already got county recognition anyway. The likes of Conroy from Maurs in AHL 5 was playing for the 21s on Saturday. Skerries have had lads playing Nicky Rackard with Fingal.

Daly did some trials when he was manager and brought players into an extended panel. Don’t remember anyone making a break through from that route though. I agree with the other posters - I think there is nil chance of a player good enough for senior inter county being over looked. He is going to stand out so much at a lower level that I am sure even the refs would be straight in touch with the county board to tip them off.

If you mean county hurlers then you are correct. If you mean people who are from Dublin then they do have some Dubs playing for them.