Tunnel Vision

Yet another row in/at the tunnel. What a stupid mess by both teams and by Croke Park.

With 2 dressing rooms under each stand why are the teams involved in each game not assigned to different sides ? Say Galway plus Mayo under Hogan and Kerry plus Armagh under Cusack.


Fitzmaurice just said that. Shouldn’t have to be done but these rows still happening regular enough


Heavily ban anyone involved. Will sort it out.

You do that sort of stuff in the street you could get jail.

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It was started by armagh being so hyped up after that comemabck, and also by the ref beibg so lilient with two armagh incidents that could have been red so it was always going to happen.

I remember Gavin keeping the team on the pitch to allow the other team go in.

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It keep happening and teams keep appealing the suspensions. It time bring in 3/6/12 month suspension for these type of incidents instead 1 or 2 match ban.


Colm Boyle says it was Galway that started it. Joke of a panel on RTE as usual

Jesus it was live on national TV we can all see who started it :rofl:

Fully agree, there needs to be no right to appeal for this shite.

Spillane with his “you could have sent everyone off”

Well, fine. Send everyone off. It was all off the ball, it was a melee, it’s red card stuff.

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YES…it’s all of these but first and foremost it’s so easily prevented by Croke Park utilising bost sets of dressing rooms.


Colm Coyle had to go. He dropped 5 or 6 of them


If lads want to grapple they’ll grapple regardless of where their dressing room is.
Teams go into the same dressing room tunnels all round the country without a problem.
First problem- they shouldn’t be in the same tunnel. Nonsense, they shouldn’t be messing!


Lee Keegan never plays great against kerry.

Impressive. Most impressive.

Saves it for us

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Jack O’Connor has never lost championship game to Mayo and James Horan has never beaten kerry in championship as Mayo manager

Ruane kicking is terrible.

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Are the facilities the same on each side of the ground? I was told the Hogan side was much better, with bigger warm-up rooms etc. so to give one side to one team over the other would be favouring one over the other.

That could be the reason.

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Tommy Lyons, you mean?

Gavin deffo did it as well, not even in nasty matches. When voldemort did it, it was in a different era and was seen as a lack of “manliness”