Turkey/Syria Earthquake

This is horrendous. Reports now of a second quake of a similar magnitude


Poor people. The death toll is still rising

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Very sad, especially for those on the Syrian side of the border. I’d imagine they are mostly Kurds? As if living under Damascus rule wasn’t enough.

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Death toll will be huge from this. It will be tens of thousands. 7.8 is a monster and building regs in old towns will be non existent. It hit when people were asleep too.



Saw some footage last night of a town that seemed to be almost entirely destroyed, expect the death toll is going to climb rapidly, unfortunately.

Mother of God. Estimates of possibly up to 20,000 dead


May not ever know the true extent of the damage in Syria either. Stateless and buildings already damaged by war.

What a devastating photo

Jaysis that is devastating.

Not the better of that.

Those poor people, ■■■■ sake.

Seen some earthquake guy estimating that up to 180,000 people could be under rubble, hope to christ he’s wrong. Like ballpark scale wrong.


Caught the news tonight, some footage of buildings going down like playing cards when you made pyramids as kids
It’s an awful tragedy not helped by inaction ( it appears ) from authorities

The weather is brutal in that region at this moment , I believe it’s near neighbours Greece Athens was covered in snow at the weekend

Not a hope the Turkish government Will get its finger out in some of the regions due to party politics, therefore more refugees


Kay Burley presenting her Breakfast News show this morning from on the ground at the site of one of the rescue/recovery spots. I think that is more about her ego, they already had a reporter there.

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Some of the footage is so hard to watch. They were showing a child alive being pulled from the rubble, which was great and heart-breaking at the same time, the fear in her face. What was worse though, was you could see the leg dead body just lying there beside where they were pulling her out.
I’m not a god person, but whoever is up there, love them

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Yeah its the idea of thousands dying under rubble due to exposure and dehydration that is horrendous. What an awful way to go. You often read in history about the earthquakes of the past, this was one of them.

I saw a picture of a giant fortress, on a hill and around a hill. I don’t know if it was hundreds or thousands of years old. It was there last week, it’s not there today.