TV rights 2023

Looks like sky are gone but there’s an increased schedule to be shown on GAAGO and also a second highlights show

Where to now José Parapluie …

Think there are a few issues, it would need a complete overhauling of GAAGO, the qualtiy of stream is never as good or gauranteed as TV. Secondly a lot of the games that were broadcast exclusively on GAAGOO are very boring as regards commentary and there is no analysis. Thirdly don’t get why people in Ireland can have access to X amount of free games, but those abroad have to pay for all games. This is all based on coverage up to now, maybe it will all change.
Another issue I would have with GAAGO is that up to now they are very quick to auto renew a subscription, if you don’t want to renew yiou have to keep a close eye, don’t think auto renew should be an option, very easy to forget to cancel.

Ah come on you’re nit picking now

Be interesting to see how they have the 2nd show set up. A highlights/review/preview mix would be good IMO. Say on a Weds/Thurs night


Article mentions using SKY crew to cover games on GAAGO, imo Grainne should be the new anchor for TSG highlights shows.

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It’s going to be Monday night

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There’s huge scope here for this IMO, if you look at the SHC2 Final it has had 8K views on Youtube, it’s some promotional tool for Dublin GAA. TG4 used to show LOI on Friday night and got 20K viewers.

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It’ minor detail, but got stung once or twice on monthly passes.

Agree and if it is an Irish set up rather than Sky, why not?

Can expect to see some /alot of our games on GAA geo in near future

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Can’t go Monday, TG4 have a review program. Plus the Rugby lad’s have that Against the Head.

Wonder what the impact on the GPA will be.

Sure you are the same @Tayto every year I try to bail out of Res Dubs and auto renew kicks in. Ya ■■■■ ya …

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Is Mick o Keefe of Teneo Ireland interviewed in the article the former Kilmacud and Dublin player?


Will certainly miss Sky’s analysis, it was on a totally different level to RTÉ and by not being the GAA’s pocket was prepared to go further than RTÉ when mistakes were made by officials.

The thing about SKY is that they had the time required to do proper analysis as they dealt with one game at a time. RTÉ by trying to cover far more games, just rarely have time to do most probably.

Is there any post match analysis on GAAgeo? I haven’t used the service


Good point.

Or maybe like most other things they do they were just shite.


They do always seem to be rushing, they talk for hours before and after rugby internationals, seem to go on and on for half the day.

A phone in show… You’re on GAAGO Sports.