TV rights 2023

well 4 on GaaGo today and 3 tomorrow i think.

That’s a good point re sponsors. GAAGo audiences are a fraction of RTEs.

I’d imagine more people will watch the Ladies games on TG4 today than the games on GAAGO tomorrow. I’d also imagine that the sponsors of the GAA (mens) games pay a hell of a lot more in sponsorship than the Ladies sponsors do. The sponsors will, I expect, consider their sponsorship deals in the the future based on the reduced return for the money they spend.

If you’d only a passing interest in GAA you actually wouldn’t know the championship is on with the lack of coverage


That is where I see the big problem, really think it is a great option for us abroad, but think between it, the new format and the new calendar, those with a passing interest in Ireland probably haven’t got a clue what stage we are at

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It’d be interesting to see the viewership figures, it’s good to have access to more games, for fans from counties that don’t get into tv often.

It’s be very interesting to see the domestic viewing figures.

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I know it’s not the business model typically but the idea should be games on tv with more choice on stream.

The more relevant comparison is with Sky Sports, which is where these games would have been shown before they pulled out of the deal.

Apparently the rights are going to be reviewed at the end of the year, the big question is whether Virgin Media or TG4 will actually want to bid for a package this time around.


Broadcast packages are put together by the GAA and broadcasters are then invited to to submit bids for them.

It’s not RTEs job to broadcast every single match. They show more than enough GAA games there a public service broadcaster and have to balance their coverage across all sports and culture events

GAA now have their broadcasting model available in the form of GAAGO and in the modern age if we want to watch every game from the comfort of our own homes we’re just going to have to pay for it because it appears no other broadcaster wants to show the matches.

But the question is why are RTE giving less coverage and why are they not broadcasting game involving the main contenders, when is the last time we have have one out of 6 champo games shown. Kerry, Mayo and Dublin playing today, none of them on tv

If you’re the GAA trying to sell a new product as in GAAGO you keep the big Guns there to entice in the customers.

GAAGos panel is much better than RTEs but the commentary is poor enough.

Are rte going to show any club games or we stuck with second tier nations rugby ?

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Two Dublin Games on next Saturday according to Dublin fixtures

RTE showing both games on Saturday and Dubs Tv both on Sunday.

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Then people wonder why nobody goes …


Would have to agree, it is great to be able to see club games on TV, but I am sure it has a negative impact on attendance, moreso than on inter county. I suppose the other argument would be that on TV your are bringing the games to a wider audience and that it is a way of promoting the club game.

Does Co board get a fee for showing ?

I know some counties have said no thanks to rte