Tyrone -v- Dublin Super 8 Tickets

Will this come up on the season tickets or will we have to buy a ticket separately

What do you mean? Season ticket holders will be accommodated for but due to the size of the stand in Healy Park, it will be first come first served. Last year we headed to the terraces opposite the stand

If Tyrone and Dublin win today tickets will not be an issue, you could walk in an open gate.

Are Parnell park ticket holders entitled to a ticket for this

Yes. But collection is a week earlier than usual.

No way you’d get anything for nothing in Tyrone

Have 2 spare general admission tickets if anyone’s looking, face value! Just drop us a DM

Howya, Falcon.

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No idea why I quoted you on this, but thought I’d drop this here:

Guy is clearly not well lads - maybe drop it

■■■■ me, he really got himself into trouble.

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Not on your nelly.

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Jesus - 60 firearms in his car. Shocking stuff

A very heavy prison sentence coming his way . Scary that he posted here for so long

Getting exactly what he deserves. Amazing the amount of people he stole from and scammed. Can’t believe his club stood by him through it all even though he was fleecing them aswell. Scum the lot of them.

As who ??? Pm ???

Not falcon ???

The very one

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