U19 Football 2022

Any score in final there

3-8 to 2-6 KC win

That’s surpsied me boden were much better in group game. Thought theyd scrape it

U19FC ‘B’ Final will be Ballymun Kickams v Raheny, both had good wins this morning.

Perhaps the wrong thread but is the u19 competition being continued or scrapped next year?

I don’t know, but I don’t think U/17 and U/19 can both continue.
It didn’t seem to work this year

No comms from the DCB yet but I believe at the last club delegate meeting the clubs were completely in favour of a return to U18, hopefully everyone is waiting around until mid Jan not knowing what’s going to happen.

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Lots of talk, not sure exact route to abolish U19 in Dublin. DCB Annual Convention is due next few weeks, maybe a motion on U19 or is it a decision at GAA Congress level ?

As bad as U17+U19 was this year, U17+U18 won’t work. Doesn’t look like DCB can scrap u17.

No idea why they take so long to make important decisions that have such big implications to club structures and plans.

What ever decision they make clubs will have little time to act now.

The following is the proposal going to motion at both DCB and County level.


  1. U17 to be scrapped for 2023
  2. U18 competition for 2023 onwards
  3. U19 Competition for 2023 only so 2004 age group players do not miss out.
  4. NO U18 player will be allowed to play Adult football or hurling ( GAA directive)


  1. U17 will return to development leagues.
  2. U19 will be the “New Minor”.
  3. U19 finals will be played before Senior final on All Ireland final day.
  4. NO Leaving cert students will be allowed play.
  5. NO under 18s will be allowed play Adult club ( under regulation)

Always be careful what you wish for.

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If congress isn’t until April can DCB scrap 17s before that date seeing as it’s mandated.

Who comes up with this. 70% of U19’s sit their leaving cert. Are we going to see a situation where hoardes of county players skip transition year etc so they can fit the criteria.


Wheres this

Sorry but you are wrong.

Only ones affected would be those born between Sept-Dec of a given year as per the Irish school entry requirments. GAA have determined that U19 should be made up of 5th Year Secondary students or post leaving cert students (including University).

Special congress this Saturday.

This underage proposal and desciplinary penalties is top of the agenda.


This will put a lot of smaller clubs under pressure for numbers.


As I said, be careful what you wish for.

GAA are determined not to have leaving cert students having the added pressure of playing intercounty.

The biggest impact will be smaller clubs not having access to 18 year olds for their Adult teams.

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