U19 Hurling 2022

U19 hurling leagues and fixtures are up now.

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U19 Hurling League Division 1 raheny 2-13 v crokes 1-20

Was at this game was a good watch , it was just crokes day nothing between the two teams.


Clubs even when both agreeable to 13 a side isn’t even allowed, it’s no wonder we have a heap of walkovers again. :-1::-1:

Who came up with that stupid rule. You’d imagine if teams agree on 13 a side there shouldn’t be an issue

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Well TD beat Fingallians today 13 a side, through no fault of Fingallians who kindly obliged to play 13 competitively. Match is down as Td conceded.

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I’d be chasing that up through County Board. That can’t be allowed to continue. We’re all try to promote the game and keep young lads playing.

Things like that will drive young lads away


Any idea of teams?

Absolutely ridiculous. I see that there are a huge amount of walkovers in u17 too. Is that required to be 15 a side too?

Div 4 and below for u17 and u19

No idea of team players names two players stood out, one of raheny midfield and crokes centre forward.

TD didn’t concede the game. The ref conceded the game due to a regulation in the rules.

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You’d really need to be a by the book buzz kill to make a team concede for that reason.

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Do you know if either team were missing many?

Its ridiculous too be honest, team’s finding it difficult to field, should be allowed play 13 a side if both Teams agree. I’d say TD probably lost players to Adult Football.


Lad I know was due to Ref U.17’s game this afternoon, arrived at pitch, no Team’s. Nothing from home club.


Disappointing when both teams agree to facilitate, Fingallians very fair to do so. That rule should be changed going forward… several players not available due to several diff reasons not adult fball.

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Are Dublin Minor/Dublin 20s players available to clubs for club games??

No as I understand it. County u20 are the ultimate elites !!!


They should let lads play league games for club some of games are really competitive IMO , train for months to play one game in summer championship or whenever championship start, they don’t even have a League at that age.