U19 Hurling 2022

Agreed. I think U17s should have stayed on Saturday, or just played before the U19s in general, similar to U16 and Minor last year. I assume DCB not letting U17 play up for the U19s is something to do with the fact that all U19s are eligible to play adult hurling? Still doesn’t make any sense to me though. I think it was a great concept and definitely would have helped lads make that transition from Minor to Adult hurling, but all of the red tape and regulations about playing up and not letting teams play 13 a side (which is in the rules i thought?) seems to have messed that opportunity up.

I assume its something to do with player burnout, but i think a cup competition at some point during the year (either August or at the start of the year/pre-season) would have been a better way to ease lads into the new system, and to get much needed gametime.

You’d be brilliant in County Administration

Don’t understand why 17’s couldn’t play up to be honest, U.16’s could play 1st year Minor last year.


Thought that was a strange one considering U.16’s last year played in July/August. Same Fixtures schedule could have been used, only a year older. The main issue though, was because it was on Sunday, there’s pitch availability etc.

Maybe just go back to u18 … just a thought


I suspect DCB would/will be quite happy to go back to U18/21 and will use the evidence of this years disaster to back up their argument


Not a chance that they would admit they were wrong

Btw, moving to U.17’s & U 19’s wasn’t a decision made by DCB, it was acted on by DCB from a Croke Pk directive. From what I was told, this was in late September.

Yes, it possibly could have been set up better, but, DCB originally voted against moving from U.18 to U.17, as well as U.21 to U 20, at a national level.


U19 was Dublin decision… U17 was national


I heard it was both.

I believe it was moved to 17’s Nationally and that counties were told that there should be another competition before adult level, and Dublin voted into having a 19’s competition.


Yeah I don’t blame DCB for implementing a 19s champo and league this year, since the jump from U17 straight to Adult would lose way more players than U19 has. Just poor implementation, and weird rules as I stated before, (at least imo) caused this mess of a situation that we have ongoing currently. I saw someone mention ‘bringing back’ an U18/U21 split, but I could’ve sworn that U21 has always been a winter only competition, even before the whole U17/19 thing came about??
Also, does anyone know when the draws/grades will be out by any chance? Just saw the U16 ones were released there today

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Most clubs can’t support another team after u18

That’s the reality .

I do blame them as they only put it in place in November…

Should have gone u17 and u18 for 2022 and then tried u19 in 2023 with adequate notice to players and clubs alike

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U17/18 would have been even worse imo, if you mean they should have put them as different age groups. Teams can barely field currently at U17 and U19, so I dont see how removing a year from that 2nd age grade would help anything? Also kind of defeats the point of what they were trying to do with the U17/U19 split, in my personal opinion.

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I’m talking at the lack of notice given to everyone and allow clubs to adapt. Anyone without numbers skip U17.

I was proposing it as a one year intro

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U19 is pointless because clubs need them as adult players

There is always going to be an attrition rate at all sports

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What was the alternative LJ? Fully agree, and as I said above, DCB could’ve handled it better. But, they had to get rid of U.18’s, if they just went U.17 only, you’d have had 17 year old lads going straight into Adult.

Not for the bigger clubs. If you could field 2 teams at U18, then the expectation would be to drop to 1 at u19 and allow the stronger players to move straight to adult. Any club previously fielding just 1 team at u18 ran into numbers issues.