U19 Hurling 2022

It is plain to see yesterday that only clubs who dont need their “strong” U19 players to play up at Adult level are taking the U19 Championship serious.

Question need to be asked why a number of Division 1 sides are playing down in B Championship


Ask the CCC. They allocate teams to the relevant grades

I’d say it’s primarily due to lad’s going into their Adult Team’s, plus, last year Minor’s would have had 16’s playing up, no longer an option now with 17’s Rule.


Interesting article by Christy O’Connor on the U17 19 grades.


Because they can’t compete at the higher grades

In a long history of bad ideas for the GAA u17 and u19 is right up there with the worst

Takes the biscuit really


Can an U17 player for the U19 in club league/Championship

Currently Clubs have to make a case to Co Board for 17’s to play up.


To be fair to the CCC, theres only 2 Div 1 teams (Vincents and BSJ) who are competing in B Champo, and they finished 8th and 9th in Div 1 respectively.

Some of the gradings are a tad bit confusing to me though, like the fact that Craobh Chiarain (who finished 5th in Div 2) are in C Championship, whilst Fingallians and Faughs (both of whom finished below Chiarains), are in B.

Though it was good to see Clontarf field a team for the U19 champo, given their absence from the league.

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If you compare U17 2020 Championship to u19 2022 Championship - same age group - it shows some strange gradings


Which are the strange ones?

Clontarf have struggled in div 2 league and withdrew

Faughs aren’t at full strength I don’t think as several lads playing seniors

Fingallians didn’t have a great Div 2 either

Commercials are probably good enough to enter A but again they didn’t win Div 2.

The gradings look more or less right to me, 2 years makes a big difference in these age groups .

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Wasn’t 2020 championship U18 rather than U17? That would make the 2020 cohort U20’s this year I think (2003 age group)


Can’t compare when neither existed in 2020.

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Given the number of walkovers in the league and couple that with weakened teams due to some lads playing adult football and it’s really impossible to rely on league positioning to decide on championship grading.

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Correct. My mistake it it should have read U18 2021 championship. Which is the 2003 age group currently playing U19 this year.

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Sorry, it was U18 2021 Championship which is the 2003 age group playing u19 this year.

Vincents, Commercials and Faughs in B championship.

2 of these clubs are hurling only clubs while the other already has a strong adult section.

Also U19 Hurling on opposite weekend to Adult Hurling.

Hurling only clubs also generally have players who play with other clubs. Commercials are linked with Finians of Newcastle and St Marys. Faughs have lads from a number of clubs too.


U18s shouldn’t be playing adult anyway


Some clubs can’t field at u17/18 so they have to play adult…