U19 Hurling 2022

It was Div 3 and lower in previous minor leagues as far as I know but was changed this year.

They need to change the regulations that

A) 13/14/15 at all u17/u19 leagues


B) 13/14/15 at all u17/u19 leagues when both teams are agreeable.

I don’t know, heard someone today say it was D3 and lower at u19 but not sure either. Thought my source was definite but that’s a dangerous assumption…

Think what you have there could be old

All leagues shall be 15 aside. If a team is unable to field 15 players, 13 or 14 a side may be played, with both teams playing the same number of players (13 v.13 or 14 v.14) in the following leagues: AFL10 or lower, Under 17 / Under 19 Division 3 or lower. Where a game goes ahead with either 13 or 14 a side, up to 20 players may be used by the team with the greater number of players present.

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I’d say a lot of clubs are allowing talented 17 and 18 year olds skip U19 and are playing adult football or hurling on Sundays instead of playing in the U19 age group.

County Board should look at doing away with the U16 grade and play U17 on a sat and then U19 on the Sunday morning. Both grades might have a chance to flourish


What was wrong with the old minor grade…


They are the adopted ccc regulations that were sent on Feb 10th so I’m not sure tbh…

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Yeah we are both right.

I just went through the regulations and what both of us posted are on them, so a bit confusing as seems different rules for football and hurling.
It should be 13 a side for all divisions at 17’s/19’s


Disgraceful that Commercials where allowed to drop down from Division 1 to Division 2.

Why disgraceful ???

Heard today that U.17 could be scraped and that were possibly looking at U.19’s only.

But but but the the u17 was supposed to be compulsory and not even a discussion point…

Did Congress not mandate continuation of 17s. I contradicted Alan on this the other day but now doubting myself


Yep you’re 100% right they did.

Nothing really…that’s why they fixed it !

That’s only at inter county championship level

Becuase they have been highly competive in Div 1 and appear to me missing no one apart from DOD, this year.

Lads gone to adult not playing u19 like Faughs ???

Commercials didn’t do the gradings though. Seems like a few Div 2 teams would more than hold their own in Div 1.


As far as i know theyre unhappy at not being Div 1. Seemingly that group have up in div 1 since u12. Good friend commercials man and that club pinning future development on that group, a good few play AHL3 one week and U19 the other.

From what i am aware DCB didnt want to go u17/u19 but were mandated by Croke Park clubs were left with option of u17 only or u17 and u19.

Again no problem with the age grades in principle but to rubber stamp proposals in december for leagues to start in feb was always going to be problematic. There was never a problem at u18 it was post minor was the issue. A properly formatted u21 league and championship would have been the best way to tackle that.


Faughs not playing guys in both grades? That’s good to hear.

That’s local gossip anyways as to why they are in D2 and have huge problems fielding.

In a single code club it’s strange though not to play both