U19 Hurling 2022

didn’t realise u20s was next weekend, can;t believe it’s the end of April already

How many were cancelled ?? D1 all went ahead

The year is flying by. This time last year it was still early March.

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Two in Div 2, Three in Div 3, and one in Div 4 by looks of it.

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Thanks for that info

That’s because D1 teams are bigger clubs and can handle the extra demand

Plunketts the latest to withdraw from U19 hurling. It’s getting very disheartening for a lot of clubs at this stage, like flogging a dead horse.

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Biggest mistake was when the CCC (or County Board?) decided not to make U19 the new Minor grade.

Completely disagree.
For a lot of smaller clubs (outside top 6) the best U19’s will play senior, that dilutes a team.
Over 70% of U19’s are doing their Leaving Cert and the majority just wont commit to 3 times a week.
The other 30% will be in 3rd level, so ‘playing minor’ won’t appeal to them.


You also have the issue that U.19 hurling played on Football weekend, lads getting dragged out to play lower league football as cover.


Ideally it would be u16 and u18. Looks unlikely to going back to that so u17 and after that let lads give adult hurling a go. The u19 has failed for a number of reasons pointed out above.

Should have been played on hurling weekend alright

Maybe we need less football leagues and less 3rd, 4th and 5th teams etc if it is impacting the ability to run an U19 Hurling competition

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Possibly true but smaller clubs are the ones who need players.

Without beating points made earlier to death no one has a problem with the grade and keeping lads playing as long as possible but it was just thrown at clubs last minute.

Simple things like not clashing with adult football or u17 hurling would have been a big help.

Hopefully post exams and when championship comes around it might be a more meaningful grade. County board would really need to review as a repeat of this in 2023 would be dire.


Some clubs now have 1 game remaining in June (7 week break) then nothing until champ in late august/September (7 week break again). Yes that’s 1 game for the 4 summer months. An even harder task is to keep an U19 team together until Sept!

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TRY saying that on the Football thread

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I believe the thinking behind that was to free u19s up to play with adult teams during the summer. With Championship starting on 20th July they will be needed I’d say

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A lot of players have the dreaded leaving cert.

This was sold to clubs as league wrapped start of May, which would then offset clubs losing J1 students on adult teams
They have moved the goalposts so often already CCC don’t have much credibility in tank re u19


That’s true. We weren’t expecting games after the Leaving Cert anyway, doubt many of those will be played

Wasn’t supposed to be for May either. Be interesting to see how many / few enter the u19 championship