U20/U21 Championship 2019

Just wondering is there an U20/U21 club championship this year?

I know there’s always talk of player burn out but I’ve always felt it was a great competition when played. Although with senior/inter/junior championships ongoing along with league promotion/relegation games also it would be a squeeze to fit the games in.

There’s a huge drop out rate in lads between minor and U20/21 i feel this competition gives clubs an opportunity to get lads back playing.

Any information would be great, thanks.

There is a club champ alright. Expected to start the weekend of 2/3 Nov i believe, open to correction on that date though

I believe you’re correct!

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Any teams dropping out? My club missed the entry and are trying to get into U21 Championship.

Any word on the draw yet? If these games are on Saturday week you’d expect the draw this week if it’s not done already

They might not be able to start the under 21 championship on the 2nd November because the senior championship final is on the 2nd November


There are junior finals set for the following day. Nobody wants to plan around them as they don’t want to be seen as making an assumption with regard to semi finals, but nobody wants lads to be playing two championship games in 24 hours.

Never stopped them in the past. I’ve seen fixtures set for the same time be it Adult football/hurling clashing with 21s championship. Its play or concede. It doesn’t matter if you have 21s involved with another team playing at the same time

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I know, I just think they should either take the competition seriously, hence ensuring all available to play, or not bother at all. Put the games on a midweek night, and identify half a dozen pitches with floodlights. Loads of reasons why it won’t work, but setting fixtures the day of, or day before championship finals makes it more likely to fail.

U21B Draw

But if Ballyboden or st Jude’s or kilmacud crokes get to the senior county final how they are going to play the under 21 championship because there will be players on the senior team that will be on the under 21 team

Or Thomas Davis ***


They’ll pull out of U21, happens every year

U21C Group 2

U21C Group 1

Does someone have a list of games/venues and times for u21s games next weekend??

They are up on Hill 16 if you just go to page 4 or 5 of fixtures

Silly that Ballyboden and Thomas Davis probably won’t field now, surely they can change the games to midweek

Good call

Both teams will have to agree to change it as they are fixed for Sat and it’s play or concede basis. Cuala have no lights either so would need to switch to bray probably. One team will also be out in Leinster the following week so moved they still won’t be avail midweek. The games will probably go ahead sat with teams down heaps of lads, boden and Td are in 2 adult finals on Sunday plus both are in the minor semis also.