U21 Football Championship 2017

2017 Draw:

First round
Meath v Westmeath
Wicklow v Louth
Carlow v Wexford
Longford BYE

Dublin v Meath/Westmeath
Kildare v Longford
Carlow/Wexford v Offaly
Laois v Wicklow/Louth

He Strong enough team there next year .
Evan Comerford in goals
Jack Mullins Declan Monahan Eoin Murchan Shane Clayton CJ Smith Tony O’Sullivan Glenn O’Reilly James Holland Andrew McGowan in the backs.
Andy Foley and Donal McIlgorm and Aaron Elliott in midfield.
Brian Howard Colm Basquel Jack Burke
Aacron Byrne Con O’Callaghan Paddy Small
Calling Pearson Chris Sallier Tom Fox Shane Howard Cormac Howley in the forwards. Could go all the way I think.

Pretty sure Cillian O’Shea and Darragh Spillane are u21 again next year and someone said on another thread Sean McMahon from Raheny will be eligible too. Niall Quinn son the goalie should be available too

I think there are 2 more Skerries lads on the panel, Sean Rocks and Stephen Smyth

Quinn was born and reared in England, then moved to Kildare to live. How can he be considered a Dub? His Dad goes to hurling matches wearing a Tipp jersey!

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an absolute joke

Agree wouldn’t have him near the setup.

Has he moved to a dublin club?

His father played minor hurling for Dublin. I think that makes him a Dub. Where he was brought up or where he lives are not relevant. If he wishes to play for Dublin he is entitled to if they want him. He is no different to Michael Deegan on that score.


No no no in my view . This is the same as Dublin clubs signing players from outside except it’s at county level
He has no connection with Dublin . Absolutely none

What is Michael Deegan’s connection with Dublin then? Doesn’t live here. Doesn’t play for a Dublin club. Why does he pass muster?

Under rule you can play for the county of your parents. Considering one of his parents actually played for Dublin it is patent nonsense to suggest that he should not be allowed to. Especially as no one seems to have an issue with another player in virtually the exact same situation.

If you weren’t born in Dublin and you don’t play for a Dublin club you’ve no business wearing the county jersey in my view


Michael was born in Dublin and went to a Dublin primary school, while his dad was a Dublin legend and now a member of the Dublin back room team. They moved to Ashbourne in his early years.

Sometimes I wonder if the pedestal some posters stand on is made of gold or diamond!


I’ve no issue whatsoever with Deegan.

But by turns we have a lad whose mother and father are from Dublin, whose father played in an All Ireland Final for Dublin. Yet we are saying because he wasn’t born here and because he was taken to live in Kildare when they moved back he cannot play for Dublin? He has no connection, absolutley none, to Dublin. Really? That’s what we’re saying?

Under rule it does not pass muster. But I would suggest that based on the ethos of the GAA it doesn’t either. The GAA is about three things. Your locality, your club and your family.

Telling someone they have no connection to the place where both their parents were born does not fit in with that ethos in my opinion.

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If his parents are from Dublin and if lives in the UK I see no issues. He has Dublin Blood running through his veins.

Weather Deegan junior will ever be good enough only time will tell. But the amount of stick he probably gets playing his club football in meath, I wouldn’t ask him to tog out.

If his heart isn’t in it I doubt Meath would want him either.

@Rochey @alanoc Lads, I agree with both of you, and please don’t take this the wrong way. There’s now three separate threads all going on about the same thing and it’s actually getting boring now, think it needs to be nipped in the bud by Mods.
If young Deegan and Quinn are good enough the they’ll be picked to play for Dubs.
There’s serious accusations going on other threads in relation to players been ‘bought in’ by various clubs and some of its disgraceful.
If a country player is working in Dublin and wants to train and play at a higher level, so what? Let him play. And like the two lads mentioned above, if they’re good enough they’ll play, we’re not going to change that, it’s how the game has gone.
If any of our players moved down the country tomorrow and wanted to continue to play, the first thing we’d all do is get them linked up with a local club, it’s part of who the GAA are. And it’s what makes us unique compared to other sports. End of story.


under rule as born outside the 32 counties he can declare for his parents county. i’d say he is really popular in eadestown for his dublin declaration if he still even bothers his hole playing for them.

last I heard he was being peddled to every 2 bit english soccer club contact Niall had, so doubtful he will be causing anyone on the hill to be ever cheering him

i would venture to say that if either lads surname was different they wouldn’t have made the 2016 u21 panel and that is the bigger issue as 2 solid Dublin club players were denied a development opportunity

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The father may have played three or four games for Dublin (no semi final in 83) but his loyalties are definitely with Tipp ( who his father played for) he usually attends their games wearing their jersey. Not much reason for the young lad to declare for Dublin there.

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Axe to grind?

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