Ulster Senior Football Championship 2017


Right, just wanted to start a dedicated thread to the greatest of all provincial championships, so anyone who doesn’t like Nordies, stay clear!! :grin:

As can be seen above, we’re kicking off with the ‘Big Weekend’ , which is probably the equivalent of Sky’s ‘Super Sunday’ where Man United play Hull and Chelsea play Bournemouth, as both matches have a distinctly underwhelming feel to them.

These games feature two of the three leading contenders for the Ulster Championship – Monaghan and Donegal – and both have home games against opposition that would be considered outsiders – Fermanagh and Antrim. Anything beyond two home wins here would be a major surprise.

The third of the top three – Tyrone – travel to Celtic Park next week. This would probably represent the biggest threat to the top three in their opening games, but unless Derry can pull a rabbit from the hat, then it is likely that Tyrone will progress with a degree of comfort.

Thereafter, Armagh travel to Down. For a long time it looked like we would be swapping places in the league, with us getting promoted to Division 2 and them getting relegated to Division 3, but a couple of late shocks saw both team remain where they are. I think it will be a tight enough game between two evenly matched, albeit poor enough, teams.

The full fixtures list reads as;

Sat 20th May First Round (7.00pm):
(a) 1. Muineachán V 2. Fear Manach at St Tiernach’s Park (Replay 27th May)

Sun 21st May Quarter Final (4.00pm):
© 6. Dún na nGall V 7. Aontroim at Pairc MacCumhaill (Replay 27th May)

Sun 28th May Quarter Final (2.00pm):
(b) 4. Doire V 5. Tír Eoghain at Celtic Park (Replay 3rd June)

Sun 4th June Quarter Final (2.00pm):
(d) 8. An Dún V 9. Ard Mhacha at Pairc Esler (Replay 10th June)

Sun 11th June Quarter Final (2.00pm):
(e) 3. An Cabhán V (a) Muineachán / Fear Manach (Replay 17th June)
If An Cabhán V Muineachán at Kingspan Breffni Park
If An Cabhán V Fear Manach at Brewster Park

Sun 18th June First Semi Final (2.00pm):
(b) Doire / Tír Eoghain V © Dún na nGall / Aontroim (Replay 25th June)

Sat 24th June Second Semi Final (7.00pm):
(d) An Dún / Ard Mhacha V (e) An Cabhán /Muineachán/Fear Manach (Replay 1st July)

Sun 16th July Senior Football Final (2.00pm) (Replay 23rd July)

The likelihood is therefore that Monaghan will play the winners of Donegal and Tyrone in the Ulster Final. Who comes out on top will probably come down to whether or not what we saw during the league was a genuine reflection of the teams’ respective abilities, or was there – as Tommy Lyons might have suggested - a bit of arse boxing going on.

My guess is that Donegal will beat Monaghan in these year’s Ulster Final…but sure what do I know!! :sunglasses:

What’s this crap doing on this site??? :smirk:

Tyrone v Monaghan final for me …

Joe McMahon retired too … very effective player.

The only really interesting championship until August.
Monaghan look like they have some help inside for McManus and having the both Hughesies out the field could help them a lot. Was surprised Donegal did as well as they did in the league, thought they drift away after a few high profile retirements.Be hard won between those 2 and Tyrone.

Antrim having to plan without this lad!!!


Malachy Clerkin had a different view in yesterday’s times …

These things ebb and flow and the much-ballyhooed Ulster championship might not just be the diamond they make it out to be. For all the derision, much of it deserved, it’s not immediately clear why a putative meeting of, say, Louth and Meath on June 3rd should be considered a lesser game than Down v Armagh the next day. Would Kildare v Laois or Longford really be such a non-event compared to Tyrone v Derry? The recent history of that fixture would make it hard to argue in its favour.

Did he say whether he’d find it more interesting or not?
The difference I’d see is, the others are just deciding who gets into the qualifiers earlier, at least in Ulster it’s about competing with a realistic chance of winning the competition. So, less ‘non-events’ than the other provinces.
Leinster wil be Dublin, Munster will be Kerry (hard to even make a case for Cork at this stage, maybe Tipp can go up a level, or maybe they peaked last year), Connacht will likely have a game between Mayo and Galway.

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Yeah that’s fair enough - I think he is talking about the quality more than anything.

I see a lot of twitter comment (in niceday2’s link) that this wouldn’t happen to a Dublin or Kerry player, with the inference that it is one rule for the strong and one for the weak.

I’d have to say that a hefty ban was on the cards. It was a rare case where an inter county player’s discipline absolutely fell apart in the heat of battle.

This was the same match incidentally where Joe McQuillan reported Geezer for threatening comments and Geezer ended up with a 12 week ban.

“Effective” would indeed be a very accurate description for Joe.

Chosen carefully :wink:

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What’s he ‘supposed’ to have done?
I like that the manager (Adams) didn’t deny the incident, just stated that you couldn’t ID the person who did it. He wasn’t volunteering any names forwards was he?

He essentially totally lost all self control. He kicked one of our players, punched another and grabbed the ball and pinged it at the referee, hitting him on the back of the legs!!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!! :slight_smile:

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Bleedin’ nordies!! Sounds like he lost the plot altogether.

Gas how papers quote tweets like they are news. F*ck off. I’m struggling to recall Connolly ever having committed anything like this chap did, but then whatever gets them through the day/ life.

And I hope Adams wasn’t spuriously using concerns re mental health as some sort of defence.

If these incidents happened in August/September , would you see same suspensions? GAA like to hand these bans this time of year then change rules later in year.

Could we have an example of what you’re suggesting please?

What did he do Rufus?

Sorry just seen post above!

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John Miskella against Tyrone in 08 struck a player off the ball. Referee John Bannon was asked if it should have been upgraded to red card and he said no.Tadgh Kenneally was never suspended for his assault on Nicholas Murphy in 09 final.If Philly was cited for eye gouging in 2015 final surely it warranted more than one game ban.Leroy up to All Ireland final replay seemed to be exempt from picking any kind of card despite pulling and dragging off the ball all the time.

Indeed. But this chap is not being suspended for a year for an on field offence. Antrim have been playing total silly buggers with this and now they’ve been caught. Sure he’ll have this three appeals. Every chance he won’t serve time at all.

Cillian O’Connor at it again?

Oh sorry…this isn’t the Connaught Champo thread…never mind…