Ulster Senior Football Championship 2019

Tyrone v Derry in the preliminary round.

Are they allowed to score that much in a half of an Ulster Football game?


Derry got a goal to make it a draw game with 15 minutes to go.

Handy one for Tyrone next time out in Antrim

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Matt Cooper had Donegal player on today. Bemoaning the amount of keep ball.

“What can we do to stop this, last year when you were chasing the game and Dublin just played keep ball”

Prime time radio host, Twitter influencer and TV presenter.

Un. Real.


Who was the player as a matter of interest?

Better than that absolute spoofer David Jennings (Racing Post) saying that Donegal were competitive versus Dublin last year and gave them their sternest test, in his reasoning in tipping up Donegal for the All Ireland this year. He clearly didn’t watch the game and was reading statistics!

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Moved a point ahead for less than a minute before Mc Curry’s goal, also.

McCurry always does well in Ulster, hes like a fish out of water when the real stuff starts in Croke Park though.

I didn’t catch his name. But sure lookit, Cooper was moaning about Waterford failing to make the best of home advantage like they had put up a maze or something in the pitch and not tell Clare the way out. Balloon of the highest order.

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Cavan leading Monaghan 1-07 to 0-04

Monaghan no scores from play yet

Monaghan so poor, don’t think they have played a forward kick pass in Cavan’s half.

Never a peno mind.

Someone said here at some stage Monaghan would be Dublins biggest threat. My Jaysus

It’s amazing the difference when a team actually attacks. Cavan have kick passed more in this game than they have in the last 5 years.

2 Connolly level passes from Martin Reilly too. Majestic.

Monaghan lacking any real intensity to their game. The penalty was as harsh as you’ll see but they’ve been abysmal.

Finally Monaghan realising you have to press the ball

That was awful from Beggan

Game on now.Only 3 in it now. Cavan running out of steam.

I’m actually enjoying this game :grimacing:

Might just do it you know!

Jesus H Christ Monaghan. Not again !

Awful shame if monaghan lost this…