Under 21- 2021

The one draw covers all rounds of the Under 21 Championships i.e. winner game one plays winner game two in the second round etc.

Proposed Fixture Schedule - Under 21 Hurling - November 6th, November 20th, and December 4th.
Under 21 Football- November 13th, November 27th, and December 11th.
All games at 2-30 pm.

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What year do lads need to be born in to be eligible for this comp?

2000 or younger

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Surprised to see Castleknock in the B championship. They won Minor A in 2019ndo would have alot of them players

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To take part in the 2021 Under 21 Championship a player must have been born on or after January 1st, 2000, and on or before December 31st, 2004.

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Any lower division teams looking for a mid week challenge next week.

Crokes have withdrawn from the ‘A’ Championship. As a result their game v Skerries becomes a preliminary round fixture.

Skerries will now play Sylvesters in the 1st round… date TBC

Crokes must be sending a message I doubt it’s a shortage of players

Have they withdrawn their second team?


Margaret’s 8-24 to O Tooles 0-2 in the F championship, anyone think Mags capable of playing higher :roll_eyes:

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Let’s see how there other games go

Wasn’t expecting that score line but was more than surprised they were entered that low that u21 team would have lads born in 2000 that played in Div 1 all the way up if memory serves me correctly

Seems to be a heap of walkovers ?

What is the county board doing with some of these teams in the wrong championship it’s a shame, how can the justify having clubs second teams in d etc and having first teams lower doesn’t make any sense

We had a good win away against clontarf winning by 1.


Without doubt in wrong championship not clubs decision looked to go into c or d and were put in f o tooles had very little haven’t said that.

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Rory Dwyer with Margarets in this championship I assume.

Mary’s lost to peregines.Mary’s missing 5 lads ,4 senior players, because their involved with commericals tomorrow.No excuse and congrats to peregines but hence the reason in such a low champo


Game was very tight and could have gone either way , bar three of the peregrines players the rest are eligible at this grade for the next two years , very young team
Best of luck to the Commercials lads tomorrow, FairPlay to Mary’s for fielding with that final tomorrow :+1: