Under 21- 2021!

Please note that all Under 21 Championship fixtures are Play or Concede. No postponements are allowed.
Under 21 games must be played as scheduled regardless of any involvement by a team or players in any Minor or Adult Championship.
Exception - Under 21 games may - By Agreement - be brought forward to be played at evening time from the Wednesday prior to the scheduled fixture date but may not be put back to a date after the scheduled fixture date.
Where a home team is unable to provide a venue for any reason the game must be played at their opponent’s venue.

The one draw covers all rounds of the Under 21 Championships i.e. winner game one plays winner game two in the second round etc.

Proposed Fixture Schedule - Under 21 Hurling - November 6th, November 20th, and December 4th.
Under 21 Football- November 13th, November 27th, and December 11th.
All games at 2-30 pm.

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Should be a good championship, Croke’s favorites i suppose with all their recent minor success?

If they win Sunday would be missing a lot presumably though.

Still probably clear favourites. Weekend semifinals will decide a lot of club fates at u21…

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Yea was just thinking that the two x purcells were lethal together in the minor final from last year but if seniors progress assume Dara would be out of contention.

A lot of teams good to see the amount of Participations increase, not a lot between the grades IMO
Raheny or barrog
Peregrines maybe

Disappointing some clubs not put into the grades they requested but I suppose everyone can’t pile into the B champ as isn’t enough time to play the games . Lucan should be in the A champ also

A- Crokes with full team, vins dark horse.

B- Castleknock should win on paper, Clontarf dark horse.

C- Winner of Thomas Davis and Whitehall first round game.

D - Craobh should win it out.

E- Peregrines (good to see wild geese field at this level)


Do you no what teams put in for Higher grades
Whitehall, craobh and Lucan should all be higher. How do they decide what teams to put where. Is it what the county board wants ?

There is absolutely no justification to have Lucan in the B champo. Hopefully Barrog can catch them.

I don’t know enough about the last few minors in A championship so I will ask as opposed to give an opinion , bearing in mind it’s an 8 team competition, if Lucan should be in A it lends the question instead of who ?

Jude’s would be surprised to be there I’d say on the back of no feeding minor A team until 2021


How is that possible probably will be knock out in the first round

Clubs request a grade and dcb decide the grades. Always a few mad ones thrown in at U21.

Surely Peregrines, Craobh and Commercials should be all in higher championships

Brigids in the C Championship seems strange too

Is this knockout again?

Straight knockout play or concede

19 and 20 minors were beaten in the B championship finals, this year they didn’t make it of their group though…you would think they’d have a strong enough group for the B

I have been Looking at the results from the minor this year games craobh beat brigids in a sheild B semi final. Erin elses in B don’t no how they pulled that off.

From what I’m hearing this could well be the last u21 championship we see. GAA mandating counties run an u17 ala intercounty and at least one other, thought to be u19. Clubs aren’t happy but nothing in stone yet.

The u21 championship is shoe horned into the end of year as many playing with their clubs but.if there is an u18 comp being run cant see u21 also getting played.