Under 21 for 2022

Who hinted that? Certainly has not been mentioned in Boden

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Having a hurling final in O’Toole in December is a joke

That new €6.6m facility can’t come quick enough


Spawell also, a small stand and a croke park quality pitch would be amazing. Don’t ask for much do I!


If ever there was the kip that should be given to the army bomb disposal unit it’s o toole park


We have that (sort of) in Abbotstown

Not like there’ll be many more than the stand’s capacity at the game!!

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Sell it and Parnell after getting FPP for housing, use the money to develop the golf club and Spawell. I’m sure we could get a 25k stadium with the money generated by the sale

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You all keep forgetting there is a strong reluctance not to use Abbottstown

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What’s the problem with Abbotstown? Is it a Bertie thing? Or is it that the CCC can’t get gat money?
I have seen it used by a number of club and inter county sides and the pitches, parking and dressing rooms there are always excellent.

Used for training or for matches? why wouldn’t DCB use it more?

No idea of the specifics. Could be an optics thing but to be best of my knowledge they have never played official club games there.

Training yes, its almost the base for hurlers as it suits the Galway based managements travel wise.

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For training & challenges. DCB have not used for official fixtures to best of my knowledge.

I think it’s something to do with not being able to charge into games in Abbottstown. It’s very open, no real secure central entrance where you could charge people in.


They have in the past as we played a Leinster playoff there in 2017.

I’d say the main reason for not using it is that they would have to pay for it and then also make nothing on the gate.

O’Toole park isn’t a suitable venue for hosting games anymore and should only be used as a last resort.

Abbottstown charges DCB and Clubs for pitch hire n usage, think prices on-line. So DCB have to pay and not enclosed, so minimal income …

Mattie Kenny used it for Dublin Hurlers…

One game. Ressers call for it to be used every single week. My point is, whatever the reason, can we not move on from it. Its not getting used despite how much of a kip O’Toole is

Worse than tayto’s cork weather comparisons :rofl:


How very dare you, my weather comparisons are fascinating :laughing:

Who knows by looking at an app, what direction the weather is blowing down the pitch in Kilkenny :rofl:

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Some achievement for Raheny, although not a surprise. They’ve excellent group coming into Senior.


ET here in O’Toole


One quick Q, us that you in the profile pic?