Underage issues

I have just seen the league gradings for the u12 hurling.

2 crokes teams in Div 1 !!!, fair dues to Barrog on D1 and to kevins on Div 3…

is there precedent for a club having 2 underage teams in Division 1

When I played underage we had two Vincents football teams in Div 1 for about 3 years.

answers that then…

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Crokes had two division one hurling teams at U13 in one of my years on CCC2. One ended up relegated. U12 is still technically Go Games and thirteen a side. If they’re both there at U13 that would be seriously impressive.

i was debating in my own mind is it a serious achievement by Crokes or an indictment on club underage hurling. Given Naas are also there its 6 dublin clubs only represented.

It’s both. Although no more than our inter county team their returns at senior don’t match their success at under age.

Grading matches are played beforehand so to be fair to them the 2 sides must have been beating what was in front of them

Yeah the results certainly justify their position in division 1 but the big conundrum is it fair on the other clubs in that league and is it good for Dublin hurling. I know it’s only u12 and it’s kids first competitive league in underage. It’s interesting to have a look at some of the traditionally strong clubs to see they have only one team and how far they are down the divisions. The major positive is there are about 88 teams entering the league at u12, unfortunate thing is the serious drop of in numbers hurling when it comes to u15/u16. In fairness whatever crokes do at underage coaching is good and they deserve credit. I know many give out about their size and resources but managing to get 4 teams out at this age group is some feat.

On a side note Naas and Bray are in and high up the league’s, are we the only country board in Ireland that does this .?

Would it be less fair if one team was put in Div 2 and hammered all round them?

Some Carlow teams play in Kilkenny and many of the northern teams play cross boundary too.

No we are not. Nass don’t continue after U12. I don’t think Bray do anymore either.

Bray have a team in U15 Division 4 hurling , I think

Naas play in Kilkenny leagues from u14 up. My young lad plays on that u12 Naas team. They have extremely strong hurling set up there. Beat the Crokes team and everyone else in the grading games.

Playing in Dublin and Kilkenny leagues is huge lift for standard / development of hurling in Naas. Fair play to both County Boards for supporting it.


In time Seanie Johnston’s controversial move to Coill Dubh will rightly be seen as the catalyst that ignited Kildare hurling. Geezer … a true visionary and like another man many years before him, not appreciated in his own time.


Fair play is right, I wasn’t having a go about Naas or Bray playing in Dublin I was genuinely interested does it happen elsewhere. I remeber when I was younger, many many moons ago, playing against Blessington in the Dublin leagues. I always wonder how those counties who loose those juvenile teams feel when the go to Dublin Leagues to play better teams and come back stronger and later age groups.

I actually saw that Naas team play a little while ago and was very impressive with whats going on down there, they have big numbers and some very strong young lads on that team. I was speaking with one of the mentors from Naas who was saying rugby was a big draw away from hurling as they go into secondary school. I think its a good thing for hurling to have good level of hurling being played no matter where the teams are from.

Yeah I agree no point in keeping them in a lower league and beating all around them, but what i mean is the bigger picture for club hurling, Going forward potentially having the two best teams in a league from the one club is a big conundrum. I think U12/ U13 is a crucial time for two reasons it the first competive games after Go Games with results etc and therefore its important to get clubs competing at the right level. Don’t want to kill hurling in small clubs. Secondly U12/U13 when they go from primary to seconadry school is usually a big fall off in numbers playing in both codes and even more so in hurling. Again if anyone from Crokes reading not having a go, the coaching they do out there and the managing the big playing resource they have is impressive. I dont know but i assume they must be in Div 1 in hurling and Football at every age group and have good second and third teams too.

The hurling setup in Crokes is huge. Theres a smashing hurling tournament held in the glens of Antrim for u11s, u12s and u15s every Aug. Atttracts clubs from all over the country. Went up there last Aug with the Naas team. Got beaten in the final by Crokes. One of their coaches was telling me they have 73 u11s playing hurling. That’s a phenomenal number. A bit like Jim Gavin with the barrrel load of Dublin iPads :grinning:they had additional coaches there watching/analysing how other teams in the tournament set up so that when we got to the final they had game plan to completely bypass where we were strongest. All a bit OTT for u11 hurling but you had to admire their attention to detail / focus on winning

Totally ridiculous

And you’d wonder is it costing them at senior. A lot of their under age stars haven’t come through at senior level.

I always felt they took things just a little too seriously at underage and thought winning at that level meant something. After trialling U/13 and U.14 championships for a couple of years, which did not work in our view, CCC 2 scrapped them. Crokes have been trying to get them back on the agenda ever since.

Yeah some of the Crokes crowd are a bit intense when it comes to underage. Think you do need to give kids from u11 up the opportunity to compete / win. However should absolutely not be at the expense of participating / learning / enjoying the games.

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Crokes Snrs use Performa Analysis, maybe it’s been rolled out to underage. Bit mad really, let the kids play. There’s plenty of time for Analysis when they get older…

You could lookat Vincent’s Alan before always criticising others . Must be 25 years at least with no senior hurling title . That’s ridiculous !