Underdogs Hurling

Any Dublin lads on the Underdogs panel?
Caught the first episode, seen 1 fella in a Thomas Davis top get a no but didn’t cop any others

One from BSj

Completely forgot Bonner was a ballinteer man

Best player on it is jerry kelly from borrisleigh. Who are they playing in the big match? If its limerick, god help them!!

He’s a cracking forward, remember him getting some lovely sidelines that year they won Munster

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Where does Bonnar play for BSJ can’t recall seeing him with the seniors before?

Think he plays junior?

The goalkeeper plays junior b for edenderry.

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Stars of the future on view

Yep plays Junior for them. Corner Forward usually.

Actually junior A

Seen a Dublin lad was made captain of the underdogs. Said he played inter in dublin, anyone know what club?

Eric Finn - towers Clondalkin


Would reservoir dubs beat the underdogs ?

Only seemed like 14 turned up for the curragh so ,yeah, probably.

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