Underdogs is back

Tá ‘Underdogs’, sraith chlúiteach CLG TG4, ar ais, agus tá muid ag cur fáilte anois roimh iarratais ar an tsraith nua. Beidh trialacha ar siúl ar fud na tíre i mí Bealtaine 2018. An mbeidh tú in ann an scéal a scaipeadh le baill do chlub ar teics, ríomhphost, facebook is irl? Tá gach eolas ceangailte le seo nó ag www.tg4.ie/underdogs.

TG4’s legendary GAA series ‘Underdogs’ is back and we are now inviting applications for the new series. Nationwide trials will take place in May 2018. If you could help us spread the word with your club members via text, email, facebook etc, it would be deeply appreciated. All information is attached or available at www.tg4.ie/underdogs

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Any footage of the original underdogs knocking about? Had a half arsed scan on YouTube without success…

This looks like it will be a decent series. Some of the lads are in unreal shape looking at last nights episode. They play Dublin in Parnell close to end of October I think is the final episode. Strange date as club comps be in full swing so could be missing a few from underdogs and dublin

Interesting that there has only now been an official announcement about who they will play!

A few Dublin lads appear to be on this team. But the show is focussing a lot on reality TV type elimination stuff. If they just did a straight forward documentary on the selection and preparation it would be infinitely better.


Agree but its reality TV so it is what it is but still think it makes good television. Also nice to see unknown players given a chance to be in the spotlight for a change and also getting to see what its like to work under someone like Galvin who has impressed me in the bits we have seen and he looks like a fella that if he could keep his temper controlled could be a decent manager at some point. Silke on the other hand is a bit wishy washy and doesn’t appear like a fella that can de decisive and rally a group.

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I agree re Galvin, he comes across as really sound.

I take back (a little) what I said about the reality TV aspect of it. The relief and happiness of that Kilkenny lad when they kept him last week was nice to see.

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