Uploading a file

Hi lads,

I just wanted to ask a question in relation to uploading a file to a post.
If I upload a file to a post on this site, will it show the full address of the file or have any way of tracking it to the location on my computer/network? I would be doing so from a work computer which has a centralised network and just wouldn’t want to leave myself or the network exposed to anything.


What type of file ? Picture or document ?
You talking about an intranet , if in doubt don’t do it would be my suggestion . Save the file on a USB stick & upload from home .

It’s gas how you have a picture of someone you never met in your head and then they post a picture and it’s exactly how you imagined them!

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Nope it will be uploaded to the server, no trace of where it comes from. well, we can track your IP address if something dodgy happens

[quote=“Tayto, post:4, topic:1634”]
we can track your IP address if something dodgy[/quote]

:flushed::flushed::flushed:. :frowning::frowning::frowning:

This sounds dodggggggy :joy:, like mission impossible & the NOC list :joy::joy:

I was going to attach an Excel file to a post but just wanted to check first.

Ah right :+1:

dunno if that will work - give it a try tho!

I’d say take a screen grab of the excel document & post it as a picture .

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It’s a proposed fixture layout that I am looking to upload. Tried it there and you can’t attach an excel file.
Taking multiple screen grabs would make it too hard to follow I would think.
Any other suggestions?

Upload it to here and post the link. https://sheet.zoho.com/sheet/excelviewer

Similar idea to a shared google spreadsheet. Or you could use google spreadsheets.