US Politics (Part 1)

Given that the Clump thread has hit the 10k max. All US Politics here :point_down:



Surely this should be called Bump.


I object to the title as this is not politics. The man is not a politician. No tests, no cases.

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But it isn’t just about the Satsuma sexual-abuser. There is more to the thread than that!


I’ll use that if you don’t mind!! :smile:

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Ok … but politics in the US is dead. How about MANA.

Make America Normal Again.

It was never normal. You could put approx 329 million people on a small plantation and give the natives back the plains I suppose?

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The “Clump” title has long been ridiculous anyway.

I’m reply from Clump thread

To be fair to the world it was America that cast itself as a beacon for the world. Very few people outside of America fell for that nonsense

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That gif is so…


Plenty of idiotic yokels in every nation, perhaps more in some though! The dumbing down of the masses in the US & UK, for examples, is probably standout. It seems more obvious, blatant, and fast-acting in the US, more insidious and slower process in the UK. But both reaching a similar point of crisis outcome at the same time it seems.

Isn’t it interesting that both countries have this at the same time? Pure coincidence 5Al?



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Well the two have been inextricably bound since WWII and the massive bailout in the 60s, then the massive arse-pumping that Blair took over Iraq, it’s been all headed the same way hasn’t it?

Or just dump. It’s what the place is turning into these days.