US Politics (Part 2)

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Celebrating Nine One One…

A ■■■■ with a capital C

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I was wondering what she’d been doing since chopping her ex’s cock off.

Any politician, or indeed any famous person who responds to a request to behave with ‘do you know who I am’ should be ■■■■■■■ battered.

Reminds me of a great Ronnie Drew story.

He was working on a switchboard and annoyed a minister’s wife apparently.

She asked him did he know who she was?

Drew then asked the same question. When she said she didn’t know him, he said ‘thank fucks fir that’ and promptly hung up on her.

Dublin wit at its finest!


Hunter Biden indicted on three federal gun charges Hunter Biden indicted on three federal gun charges - BBC News

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How’s Joe able to do that when apparently he can’t tie his own shoe laces?

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Cant even tell if they’re joking or not

We better hope Ivana Bacik for eg does nt have similar eh interests .


I have to say that back in the day when we were at it like feral rabbits there was never any question as to whether we should record the event in any way or not. We were way too busy with the matter at hand and completely focused upon a pleasant conclusion for all concerned… And a fag.

He would wouldn’t he

All empires over the centuries came to an end not long after prolonged money printing or dilution occurred

Both Trump & Biden should do the right thing and stand aside long before next election, the right thing doesn’t count for much in USA politics…




And we think Temple Bar is expensive

The weirdos in the Trump cult and other anti-Ukraine, far right, and conspiracy theorists are currently in a spiral believing that the Chinese have remotely controlled a US F-35 to Cuba. These absolute wombats will believe any crackpot story in a second, but try and explain basic science or historical events to them with copious amounts of real evidence, and they refuse to believe.


Democratic hopeful

more chance of me being nominated as the democratic candidate


Isn’t he a COVID denier, too, or something like that? Anti vaxer?