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Mississippi :eyes:

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To be replaced by a Swastika?

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Trump retweeting a video and thanking his fine supporters in florida while the video shows an old lad going by in a golf cart shouting white power at protestors. That’s a good look and the sign of a man looking to unite the country. I don’t understand his doubling down on racism. He has his base. They’re mot going to waver. Why is he not attempting to close the gap on minorities? I get that he’s an ingrained racist but all he really cares about is reelection

It’s okay, Trump didnt hear the person shouting “white power”, according to US news sources.:thinking:

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I thought he wasn’t allowed delete tweets. Something to do with presidential archives or did that not go through in the end in relation to twitter

It’s all he has ever done and it worked for him last time. A silent bloc who tolerated this rubbish because he promised change, jobs, swamps drained etc got him over the line. How will those people vote this time?

Last I checked he was behind Biden in polling among independents. He’s also not facing Clinton who was historically unpopular. Luckily he has surrounded himself with yes men because surely his own advisors must see that its not a great path to take. I’ll be unbelievablly shocked if he somehow manages to win in November.

Fingers crossed!! I hope he has been obnoxious enough to sway the moderates back towards the democrats.

Or they don’t care and think it’s better that the Dems take over the mess so the Trumpites & co can just double down on what they do best, oppose, obstruct, undermine, divide, rant, and continue to cream off personally & crony short-term benefits.
Some might care but are weak and fearful. Others helpless, paralysed.

They face a very real risk of trump sinking them and losing the senate as well. I cant imagine that’s in their best interests at all

Current approval ratings for trump are negative 15.5. At the end of March it was - 3.9 (an admittedly high point for him) which shows a serious drop. His base remains aroind 40% or so so you’d have to think that’s independents he’s lost

National election polls show a steady increase for Biden in the last few weeks. State wide polls which are more important in reality are strong for Biden too

I live in hope. America is broken and it needs mending. It’s a far cry from the place I went to in the early 80’s. Not to have to see that arsehole’s face everytime I look around will please me no end.
I hope they fix it.



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I’ll believe he’s beaten when the election results come out. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump voters outside of his base are not answering polls or showing their true voting intentions, a bit like UK Tory voters over the last few years. Its sickening how Trump’s behavior legitimizes the same behavior from people who up to recently have seemed decent.

Just because it’s the US Politics thread, it does not excuse you from using US grammar :rofl:

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Spellcheck, you ■■■■■■■!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think when factored in with his approval ratings over the last four years his numbers nkw make sense and isn’t a massive drop off or unexpected but until he’s gone there’s always a worry

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Seemed to be? Au contraire, Trump has taken the mask off America. It’s the only good thing that has come from his poisonous term. It wasn’t a glitch. Nor was it just because of Hilary. The ignorant gun-toting freaks will vote for him again, knowing what they know.