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Govenor of California wouldn’t be a bad choice

Anything but actual gun control

Going by that analogy, should we should allow every country in the world develop nukes so if everyone had them nobody would attack another country? Ridiculous

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Quite literally MAD

Apparently he is busy positioning himself for a presidential bid in two years time. By all accounts he isn’t the only one, clearly they don’t believe Biden will seek another term.

Why not just give 5 year olds AK-47’s so they can defend themselves?

What could possibly go wrong? :roll_eyes:


I m sure in the US somewhere there is some yeehaw making that case .

Didn’t Borat interview some Israeli bloke who was advocating exactly that?

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That act will never stand up


It should be a big bone of contention.

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What an acronym


Is that about the new Viagra ban?

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Ok, this one has a too good to be true feel, but anyway .


Anyone else I’d say yeah too good to be true but with Donnie I’d well believe it

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Biden is brighter then she is unfortunately

They should both go. Only way.

Listening to that orange ■■■■ at the weekend. It’s actually possible he’ll run. And win.

I think gun control will be a bigger issue then many Republicans realise

Harris is awful . Couldn’t put her in front of a microphone. Joe won’t go for a second term

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Newsome is 100% positioning himself for a run in '24. JB Pritzker the Ilinois Gov. seems to be positioning himself for a run as well by all accounts