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So trump held a rally over the weekend …


And the fact that she is an African-American makes it soooo much sweeter!

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Can someone explain why a civil and not criminal?

hurt the ■■■■ in his pocket.

Lower burden of proof required. Always easier to secure a result.

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Only 250 million.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the fkr will never be prosecuted. Between incompetent, cowardly prosecutors, corrupt judiciary and Trumps never ending willingness to do anything to escape being held to any sort of account I can’t see him ever being convicted. It is and will be the basis for the end of US democracy as we know it.


Yep, expect the worst.

Training his fire on Vladimir Putin as he addressed the General Assembly, US President Joe Biden accused him of “shamelessly” violating the UN Charter with a war aimed at “extinguishing Ukraine’s right to exist as a state”.

Biden has a problem with Putin ,just a pity he doesn’t feel the same in the middle east

Israel representative walked out of the same meeting yesterday after he said that

They are livid

If the cap fits


If the Kippah fits, you mean?

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Is this it?

Republicans are so blinded by their need to destroy any perceived opposition that they are willing to act in direct opposition to the core tenet of conservatism and captilism - ‘The Market’ will know what’s best for the economy.


Biden called upon a woman today in a speech at a conference who has been dead for over a month. And he issued a press release on her death.

He needs to say he’s not running now and let the democrats begin the search for a candidate for 2024. He’s not fit for office.

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Trump Russia was a hoax

Still better then the Republican alternatives

Need that war to be over before they get in again otherwise it’s Armageddon


i’ve said it before here i’d take a hurley to this complete and utter ■■■■.