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That’s a good way of putting it :rofl:

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A cursory glance at this thread, suggests that they have amassed a stack of evidence against him.

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Well now …

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Rejected four times.
Can the Dems and Reps not agree on a negotiated Rep candidate? Is there a precedence for this?

i think the dems attitude is to let them sort out their own shit

But if they cannot?

7th time lucky tomorrow?

Is that when money talks?

They will eventually.

The uber right wing nutjob faction are the ones holding things up.

They’re doing it up to screw more & more concessions from McCarthy. Gun control. Abortion rights. Going easy on Trump etc etc.

Once they’ve finished playing with him, they’ll finally vote for him.

:joy: :joy: :joy:


If he had an ounce of integrity he’d withdraw

Not sure that would help. Who, to his “left” would be acceptable to the Marjorie Greene types voting against him? And anyone to his right would mean someone the Greene types actually want.

I’ve started to wonder whether this isn’t a Trumpista strategy to force McCarthy to go to the Democrats for votes (which would obviously not come cheap), and then portray him to the base as a Democratic flunky. A gambit to give the extremists the upper hand in the party.

Problem is they look ungovernable the way this is going, their radicalized base might love this but neutrals won’t.

He’s a “moderate” so I think it’s best he stays at it. Also from a selfish point of view, it’s no harm to have a friend of Ireland as speaker when it comes to brexit and Northern Ireland.

He’s a moderate who tried to get trump off the hook for Jan 06 - after initially lambasting him for it he completely folded and his lack of spine & integrity was there for all to see.

He’s a Republican politician. What do you expect? They all have their own instinctive political leanings and feelings and opinions. His would be on the moderate end of the scale. Does he follow his so called ‘principles’ in everything he does? Or does he bend to the populist winds & pander to the likes of Trump because he appeals to the people who vote for him? Answers on a postcard. PO Box 911, Liz Cheney HQ, Bumfcuk, Wyoming.

Anyway, after the 11th ballot, it looks like a deal may be on the way. Biggest concession is reinstatement of a House rule that a single lawmaker can call for a vote to oust the speaker.