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That’ll be McCarthy ousted soon enough. All that shit and the nutcases will boot him staright away

Last year 2.2 million migrants were expelled back across the US-Mexican border into Mexico.
Think about that. 2.2 million.
I’d say most of them were playing by the rules and not genuinely in need of asylum status…not.

Actually now because of the above, many now getting into the US are applying for asylum anyway. As you would.
Most of them know the situation in the US is bad. But they’re desperate enough because of how worse it is elsewhere.
Of course most don’t meet the actual criteria for refugee or asylum status. Because it is set to prevent so many coming.
But they will come anyway, any which way, and the vast majority are not criminals or malingerers, because that’s what you do when you’re desperate.
Those of us lucky not to be currently quite that desperate cannot just wish it away.

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Normal Country…

If only there’d been a good 6 year old with a gun nearby…


Biden just announced tougher illegal immigration laws ahead of his El Paso trip. Fact is as tough as it is for those people, you can’t just let everyone and anyone cross the border. 2.2 million sent back, imagine all those those entered legally and illegally that were not sent back.

Wasn’t at all the point I was making. You seem to assume anything that isn’t saying one extreme is saying the other extreme. I made the point that the numbers are absolutely huge, and will continue to be so, regardless of rules & regs. Because that is the reality of the world right now.

The point is also it’s pointless condemning the cast majority of desperados who make these choices. Just as it’s pointless condemning the immigration authorities having to deal with it. Things are so bad for so many people they’ve no choice but to try to get to somewhere they perceive as better. Better climate at least

Not for one second do I blame people fleeing war or dangerous circumstances. The debate here as I see it has been around lax immigration in this country which cannot be allowed to happen. Individuals getting in without proper documentation is a security risk. Also anyone here caught misbehaving or breaking the law should be turfed out…j don’t believe those views are extreme.

It’s been amazing for Biden this . To lose by such a narrow majority as a sitting President and then watch the republicans tear themselves apart …

Can’t buy that political capital

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You would think. But at the end of the day, the MAGA nutjobs have won an incredible amount of concessions in return for voting for McCarthy as Speaker. From now on, they decide how Congress itself is ran, who chairs the most important committees, what bills do & don’t make it past the committee stage & on to the Floor to be voted on. It’s utterly insane.

How the drama of the past week impacts presidential voters in 2 years time is yet to be determined, but in the short term, the inmates are very much in charge of the asylum & are having the last laugh.

Not sure on that . The republicans have a majority for basically taking a leak …

There are enough liberal republicans to turn votes in the Dems favour too.

Not if Donald our dear leader tells them not to!

The US is in for very difficult couple of years. The MAGA nutjobs now have license to cause havoc! McCarthy is a spineless weasel who would sell his mother to hold on to power.

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I don’t disagree with most of that, and haven’t done so in my posts to date.
It’s how you might define ‘war & dangerous circumstances’, that could be up for debate. Alot of people are just living in desperate circumstances, in places where crime & corruption and poverty are off the charts. And from where it’s now next to nigh impossible to get visas for wealthy countries, well, except when you’ve been selected for virtual slave labour, another hypocrisy of this whole thing.
But that won’t get you grounds for asylum, in fact these days it’ll just get you kicked out after you’ve got in. And yes, you’ve broken the law, as did hundreds of thousands of Irish btw down through the preceding decades.

As for the ‘security’ mantra, security is always an issue but is also always a tiny minority. Security and hysterical headlines in the media fed by lobbyists about ‘dangerous migrants’, ‘law-breakers’, ‘cultural degradation of the natives’ and so on (African migrants and refugees in Europe for ex) cannot and should not be used to handily sweep the issue aside as just a ‘illegals should all be kicked out’ solution.
Technically they should but the world is heaving, whole populations are trying to escape their sinking Titanic home nations/regions, the answer cannot be simplistic. It just isn’t and people need to think and stop burying the head in the sand. Radical and creatively radical changes are needed.

I couldn’t agree more but the fact is there are individuals causing trouble. It’s unacceptable if Irish citizens are being attacked. All people want is proper border control (vetting of everyone entering) and deportation and/or jail of anyone causing trouble. I would have the same for an Irish person abroad in another country.

It may be ‘all people want’, and there’s no argument against wanting that. But what’s actually happening is something else

Yep. Anyone that want’s to can flitter their passports and say ‘process me’. Use the system. Does any one really believe that folks seeking a better place to live haven’t sussed out Ireland?
'You get this and this and a house and prams and buggies and a fuel allowance…"
“It’s a great little country but the weather is shite enough.”

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The white paper on refugee immigration is misleading to all thw folks that read it. Yes I couldn’t blame them for want to coming here.

But whoever wrote it and for what ever reason be it billy big balls or international pressure from UN need to have a one hard look in the mirror at themselves. Because what they promise them is pie in the sky. Along with the line from Coveny that they would end homeless by 2018 blah blah blah.

Yes let’s take in poor unfortunate. help them for shure. I mean that. but let’s check who they first are and maybe we can ask the tax funded NGO’s and imbecile Roderic O’Gorman to stop spoofing to them. No house in 3 months and all that baloney.

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Guarantee you there’s a load of connected shams making good moolah off it. Always has been the case, the world over. Just a business opportunity for them

A right to bear arms, but not to bare arms…

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Reminder this fcking idiot has not gone away

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Fuckin’ Biden hasn’t been covering himself in glory either, it seems. Bucket loads of classified docs found at his home from his time as VP to Obama.