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She will pick votes off Trump though

Think Dons race is run


Likely to be a very MAGA field, i mean yerman DeSantis is a headbanger as well.

Saw some long-term GOP guy who has defected to the Dems, and says the GOP descent into radicalization meant his party left him rather than him having left his party.

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the Lord is at work here… deserves a kick in his bollocks for that quote alone.


Is he throwing his hat into the ring for the Rep nomination race?

The Lord? Too much of a leftie for the Republican base.

Meanwhile in Texas…

Hmmmmm. It’s a not so great secret that alot of, especially, fire-sale & then property-boom lots around the western world are/have been hoovered up by global investors, movers & shakers, done by proxy to circumvent national property purchase laws. And driving housing prices, taking them away from middle-income earners at auction for example. Or keeping the fire-sale ones empty to help drive the ‘shortage of housing’ price hike narrative.

It’s not a new thing and certainly not only Chinee have been doing it. Wealthy investors and credit-wielders from all over did it in Ireland. Happened here more recently, Jacinda & co eventually put some brakes on it. Too late though.
I suppose quite alot of the newest big bucks are emanating from SEast Asia/Far East, doubtless including India, the latter seem to get a free pass from the media as there’s presumably no socio-cultural & political capital to be made from highlighting this issue with a Sub-continental slant as against a big bad Chinee one.
No co-incidence that this is in the news just after the whole baa-looins fiasco. Media ramping up anti-yellow peril feeling.
And…Texas… say no more squire.

An honourable man who did a hell of a lot of good for people when he left office. He’s as comforable as he could be hopefully


Always carried himself with such dignity especially when you look at a freakshow successor


I got to meet President Carter and his bride about 15 years ago at a Meat and Three Veg restaurant called Our Way Cafe in Avondale Estates, Ga. The Carter’s would stop by for Lunch a few times a year. I believe their daughter and the restaurant owner went to college together.
A very gentle, soft spoken man.


And there we have it, MAGA want to destroy America

Unsurprisingly, she hasn’t thought this one through. Her own state voted for Biden and has two Democratic senators.


Eh, well…she’d be the expert on divorces I suppose then…

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One more and she’s nearly a home run of divorces.


A total focking window-licker who could not find Ukraine on a map. Her grammar matches her intellectual ability.

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You think from over here…how on earth could people vote for her.

A total screwball.

More extreme and more mental than the maddest of Trump supporters.

That old ‘G’ word comes to mind. She is a proper one.

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