One of the most intriguing things about the Internet is the names adopted by those who engage in social media. Be it Twitter, Instagram or even boring old forums like this one, there are always a load of humorous usernames that you’d just love to know the story behind.

So I’m gonna call out the ones that I really want to hear an explanation as to how they came about.

So @alanoc, @Rochey, @BelfastDub … let’s be having you!

Feel free to call your favs out - and always use the @ for t’internet safety …

My biggest problem with t’internet is that I had a facebook page. That’s since been deleted… Currently have this site, twitter and a weather site I contribute to… Otherwise I have no online persona… As far as I recall!

So Rochey does Ballyragget on porn hub is a different rochey?


ah no more rochey rants

Hmmm… interesting thread.

@alanoc, @beeko, @5AliveOh, @TheLoneRanger. I know TLR is on shore leave somewhere (but this place is certainly the poorer for it)… but I’d like to hear from the three I called out. And I called out there username based on the fact that they contribute greatly to the threads I read on this forum and make it worthwhile reading.

No great humour or intrigue behind mine.

Living in Belfast 26 years. When I first start visiting this site, noticed a few users had names that obviously meant they were living in other parts of the country or abroad. Thought that was a decent idea for my own.

I was being a bit facetious in my opening examples as they are fairly straightforward … must stop … it is confusing people …

But I’d love to know the reasons behind @Tayto, @URoy, @JJF among others.

In a former incarnation of reservoirdubs, the great Clayton started a thread called “Resser in the spotlight” whereby we had a week to ask a named resser any questions we felt like asking. Obviously, not all were answered but it was a brilliant thread. In my turn, I was asked that question… it was something of a play on “Biko”. For some reason I was always moved by the Peter Gabriel song and, later on from that, the film “Cry Freedom”.

So, there you go, in all its pretentiousness.


“Resser in the spotlight “?

That would be some craic!


Ah Clayton… met him once had to burn a DVD with a dj track list on it. Is he gone of Ressers now…

I still keep in touch with Clayton, I’ll pass on your love.
Resser in the spotlight was brilliant while it lasted

I met a couple of his mates from Margarets, they all love him too.

What’s not to love, he’s a prince amongst men.


I’m a little black woman in a big silver box

It was brilliant craic.

Pass on my regards to him, also.

He is!

I’m a former boyband singer with a surprisingly decent debut solo album…


Christ! I presumed you owned a ceramic shop on the Long Mile Road!

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Keith is that you?

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Nooooooooo Duffy!

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