Vacant land the GAA or Dublin clubs could acquire/buy?

After seeing the article about Bluebell FC getting the pitch at the Red Cow it made me think. With the current urban sprawl and the current housing crisis etc it will surely make land more difficult for developing GAA clubs to get and develop pitches. With that said surely there is some disused land/council pitches which could be properly developed (like Clontarf did)/land from religious orders that could be developed too. There seems to be a distinct lack of proper GAA pitches in some areas which inevitably effects the quality of games.
Just as an example Faughs and Judes have lots of green space in Tymon park but nearly every pitch there seems to be on a hill or too short…are they allowed develop the pitches?
Theres also land up on the Firhouse road which was owned by the nuns its about 10 acres and would be perfect for a club or county board to buy?
Is there other disused/potential sites that clubs around the county that GAA clubs could develop?

Kevin’s H&C Club looking for a site. Likely to offer more than €10 too…

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The southside clubs have DLRCC bidding against them, with taxpayers money, on every site.
Compare that to the North Dublin councils, who work closely with the GAA clubs.

A multipurpose facility with all clubs included would do a huge amount for that area of the south inner city. Looking at other clubs not too far from that like Real Dearg, Ranelagh Gaels etc surely some of the council pitches in Bushy park or somewhere could be developed by them.

you’d think so, especially as SDCC built shamrock rovers a free stadium and are now expanding that stadium at no small cost to the taxpayer.

Now now. We’re not squeaky clean either. Fingal Co Co sunk a fair few quid into Sporting Fingal!

Was that not purely sponsorship Alan, sure they played in Morton Stadium.

There was a good bit more to it than sponsorship. There’s a good untold story there I’m led to believe :wink:

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Along with a well known property developer. I’d say a right story!!