Van Insurance

I’m considering purchasing a van. A Ford Transit Custom.

For private use, rather than commercial business use.

I believe van insurance can be a nightmare to get?

So before i buy one, can anyone give me an insurer they are with to see if i can get insurance.


I have both a car (Merc c220 diesel) and a van ( merc vito 2.1 diesel). I am the only driver on each of the policies. Having a commercial vehicle and a private vehicle you require two separate policies. A private insurance policy for the private car and a commercial policy for the van. Each policy costs me in the region of €850 euros per annum. I have a full license more than twenty years never involved in an accident or had a claim, I have no penalty points and a full no claims bonus. I don’t think they will allow you to insure a van privately. I know from personal experience pending on your occupation they will only give you commercial insurance. Also to get commercial cover you will require documentation relating to your commercial activity eg vat number and business registration plus possibly employer/ employee number. I am insured with Allianz .

Fair play Napper. I had a fairly good idea it wouldn’t be to easy an exercise. And to add to that, I’m thinking of eventually converting it to a Campervan. And no doubt will have an even bigger mess trying to sort insurance.

Appreciate the advice and insight. Thanks

If your thinking of going down the camper van route and pending on your intended mileage you might find it advantageous to look at the vintage or classic vehicle options you might find a worthwhile loophole, all the best .

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I’ve a 1976 Opel Kadett Napper, so i know already the pros and cons of a classic vehicle. I’d be aiming for a reliable van to be honest, as i plan to tour Europe most summers all going well. But thanks again for the suggestion. Much appreciated.

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OKellys in Santry do conversions, campers etc. They even make campers out of Fiat Doblos! But there are ways to get cheaper insurance/tax with these, afaik!

What colour @BOTTLER. Was that the very boxy one?

Its a 70s green colour. A pastel green i suppose is best how to describe it. To be honest it needs a paint job. Must look about getting an affordable paint job this year. Been putting it off as a respray can cost more than the actual cars value!

The boxy one is the Kadett D. I remember they being plentiful in my youth. I was born in 76, so don’t recall ever seeing what i have.

I’ve the earlier one, the Kadett C.

I’ve no photos handy. But it looks like this:

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My dad was telling me about O’Kellys the last day. Must pay them a visit.

You can get cheaper insurance if its a camper alright. But i believe there is some rigmarole in trying to obtain it.

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