VdeP Cup 2017

I see Na Fianna have conceded all there cup games already!

Why would they bother enter? Doesn’t it cost money?

Mickey Mouse competitions in all reality

Imagine its down to panel numbers,lot of lads tied up with Dublin 21s,lost a few players to emigration and some defections from the panel,will be a tough year

Would they of not known that before entering in the competition though?

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New management team,entry for cup was probably done without their knowledge,seniors havent played in cup competition for many years

Probably done by default so. Must have money to burn out in Mobhi Road :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish !!!

There is no additional cost for entering the cup competitions!

There is for withdrawing or giving walk overs

Normally if you withdraw before the competition starts there are no fines

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Not according to the regulations sent out this week. €200 fine

The DCB are wonderful are collecting money. Not so good at organising competitions properly!

But there has been this impression for a long time that the cups cost a lot of money to enter.
They cost nothing to enter if already entering a league/championship team!

crokes beat lucan 2-12 to 2-9 tonight