Walsh Cup 2017

Liam Rushe will be missing anyway! Straight red card will have him out!

Marvellous. Forgot about that.

I’d say he’ll throw in a couple of 19 year olds just to give the team a bit of experience …

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is he allowed play 2 in place of rushe? nice!

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you know the saying, ‘a hurl in the hand, is worth two of Liam Rushe …’

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Army training camp last weekend. Nearly killed them.

Plenty of ball work then?

FFS Does Ger think he is Davy Fitz?


Are we playing in the fooking NHL or invading Britain?

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Jesus god forbid the manager embarks on a team building exercise with a team full of new lads that won’t know eachother all that well…


Sorry but it’s this kind of nonsense that is destroying the notion of the GAA as something you do for fun and enjoyment. Army train camps are a totally ridiculous idea.

The club players association could really do some business if they focus on this kind of stupidity and on sorting the calendar.

Countless clubs up and down the country will do them, they’re good craic and are great team building exercises, I see absolutely no problem with it

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Anto Daly did same thing with army also. And also went to England .

No real issue with them but would be interested to see if the college lads and the Cuala contingent were there…no real point doing it with only a few from the “real” panel were available.

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Nothing like puking together for morale …


I’ll take your word for it. I didn’t know you took part in the human caterpillar!!!

How is the game going tonight? Is Tayto there to report on the game for those of us who are afraid of the cold?

Sure why not just go on the piss for a weekend? It would be more likely to build morale.


1-17 to 12 up after 40 months mins - Donal Burke running amok

40 months???..very long game !