Walsh Cup 2017

28 scores at this time of year is good going, realise ice conceded a hatful v Wexford as well. Burke & Quinn seemed to score well.

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Can’t beat a bit of boot camp to harden up the lads and build less Al … I mean morale.

I read on Fuzzbeed.com that they were forced to fire live rounds at each other.



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That’s the weather for you …

Stupid backup phone, letters are far too small

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DUBLIN: G Maguire; P Smyth, S Barrett, M McCaffrey; S McGrath, C Crummey (0-1), C Dowling; C Conway (0-3), B Quinn (0-3); C Burke, N McMorrow (0-3), F MacGib (0-1); C O’Sullivan (1-1), D Burke (1-10, six frees, 1-0 pen), A Quinn (0-3).

Great return from the ff line

Not bad from midfield too (if that is where they actually played?)

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Alan you seem to be an absolute mile out of touch with team set ups these days.

Hat load of wife’s too. That was one cold night in Parnell. Cian O Sullivan had some serious pace for his goal. Looks to be better up that end of the field.

The two umpires at the church end were serious entertainment. Must of been 3 occasions where they got it wrong and stood looking at other. The first instance where one waved wide whilst the other was waving the flag was comical :joy::joy:

I think it’s only right that Cunningham is given a new 3 year term now.


Not wishing to rain on the parade but the standard was poor. UCD were piss poor and we were a bit better than them. I think we actually caught one puckout. There was very little ball to hand and we lost a lot of scraps for dirty ball as we are a small team. Too small. (Thanks Ger). Ben Quinn looked great at midfield, running like a gazelle. …and if he ever tries that in the company of Michael Fennelly or similar, he’ll be waking up on a hospital trolley. There was much running off the shoulder and handpasses, just like in football, but if we can’t find some big lads who can win high ball, well that will be that. You’d wonder has Cunningham any clue why Tipp managed to beat KK in September!!

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They’ve gone all Quakerish?

Oh I thought you said great return from the frontline …

I know exactly what’s going on with a lot of them. I don’t agree with it is the point.

You’d get real tired real quick around here correcting people’s assumptions of what you said.

The aul hands still haven’t warmed up. Wife’s or wides, there were a lot of them!!!


Crummy is 6 6. Shane Barrett is a monster as well.

The exceptions. We are not that size from 8 to 15.

Blame it on the Mrs… I mean misses.

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That’s the way we’re going to play this year, like it or not.