Walsh Cup 2017

Anyone comes across a ticket let me know :wink:

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Where’s falcon when you need him?


Yeah I’ll drop down and watch it. Any sign of a teamsheet?

Anyone see how Alan Moore played in the Blue Star game?

I always thought if he trimmed down a bit he could be an asset to a dublin setup, serious pace and knows where the posts are

Team for tonight is on hill 16


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If he has serious pace and knows where the posts are then why trim down?

To me he’s the perfect size for a hurler.

The panel itself is ridiculously young.

Rushe in mid field. Didn’t GC learn the hard way that Rushe is best at 6?

Is Benett injured?

Is it not just a panel? Daire Grey corner back with O’Riann Broin in the other corner?

We’re seriously understaffed in that case.

It’s actually not a bad squad off players considering the players that are missing trough club/colleges, injured and the players that have gone.

Yeah, maybe it is. Hopefully GC isn’t taking Carlow for granted. I still remember walking out of parnell park after their U21’s knocked us out of Leinster.

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Maybe you should bring your gear Alan…

His pace is great coming on to ball, always feel he’s a little slow turning the man and making space to get a strike due to him not being the most nimble in tight spots.

Or maybe we just throw the colleges out…

Your well wide of the Mark…

Missing 23 players …

Yes but aren’t Grey and O’ Riain forwards?

Just seems strange to have them both at corner back. Then again it may just be a panel numbered 1-24.

Oh well.

The 21 managers had Fionn at corner back did they not ?

Did they?

I’m just confusing myself now. Best I just wait and see who shows up where.

For a lad that claims to know so much about Dublin Hurling, it appears you know very little Alan!!!