Walsh Cup 2017

Had an injury before Christmas so I think he’s still not right yet.

Suspected it might be something like that.

Not so long ago intercounty players rightly refused to play on Thursday night because they would miss Top of the Pops. But nothing is sacred any more.


Huge crowd at this!!! Throw in delayed by 15

You have to hand it to Fitzgerald. He’d sell sand to the Saudis at a massive profit.

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Bennet on fir Dwyer

Throw in delayed; 3-1 to Wexford after 6 minutes. Dublin score was a fox free

4-3 to wex 9 minutes

It’s like Joyce meets Newton.

7-5 Wexicans after 15. Davy going ballistic on the line :joy:

Goal Wexford

Wex 1-08 dub 0-7

1-09 to 0-08

1-10 to 0-8 we hit 3 poor wides on the bounce there

I leave the updates to you tayto :smile:

Good experience for players tonight. Result means nothing either way except for Davy’s ego and a good challenge vs kk.

Half time 1-11 to 0-09

Jayzus Davy is some mouth piece. I’m on the far sideline and all you can here is him!!!


1-12 to 0-12