Walsh Cup 2017

If that’s the case, the situation really is untenable (it already was truth be told), if any more player walk then he has to go or next year will be a complete waste of time. It won’t even be a development year if we’re too under strength, which we’re well on the way to being at this rate.

You wouldn’t know it from the papers but apparently we’re playing in this tonight.

Wednesday 4th January 2017
Parnell Park (7.30) - Dublin v Carlow

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Anyone comes across a ticket let me know :wink:

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Where’s falcon when you need him?


Yeah I’ll drop down and watch it. Any sign of a teamsheet?

Anyone see how Alan Moore played in the Blue Star game?

I always thought if he trimmed down a bit he could be an asset to a dublin setup, serious pace and knows where the posts are

Team for tonight is on hill 16


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If he has serious pace and knows where the posts are then why trim down?

To me he’s the perfect size for a hurler.

The panel itself is ridiculously young.

Rushe in mid field. Didn’t GC learn the hard way that Rushe is best at 6?

Is Benett injured?

Is it not just a panel? Daire Grey corner back with O’Riann Broin in the other corner?

We’re seriously understaffed in that case.

It’s actually not a bad squad off players considering the players that are missing trough club/colleges, injured and the players that have gone.

Yeah, maybe it is. Hopefully GC isn’t taking Carlow for granted. I still remember walking out of parnell park after their U21’s knocked us out of Leinster.

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Maybe you should bring your gear Alan…

His pace is great coming on to ball, always feel he’s a little slow turning the man and making space to get a strike due to him not being the most nimble in tight spots.

Or maybe we just throw the colleges out…

Your well wide of the Mark…

Missing 23 players …

Yes but aren’t Grey and O’ Riain forwards?

Just seems strange to have them both at corner back. Then again it may just be a panel numbered 1-24.

Oh well.

The 21 managers had Fionn at corner back did they not ?