Walsh Cup 2017

Did they?

I’m just confusing myself now. Best I just wait and see who shows up where.

For a lad that claims to know so much about Dublin Hurling, it appears you know very little Alan!!!

I’m not sure where I made any great claim to knowing a lot about Dublin hurling.

But sure there you go.

Decent panel considering how many we are missing, not sure what kind of team Carlow will have out tonight but with such an inexperienced team we can;t take anyone for granted. Hope the lads go well. Anyone here going? would love to hear a match report.

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I might ramble down.

Mind you I can’t open my mouth around here these days without upsetting someone so I might leave the reporting to someone else.


They did . I agree on Gray though - I haven’t seen him in the backs before . We aren’t flush with wing forwards either

But fionn being there isn’t a huge surprise .


you can PM me a report! :spy:

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Really? Sure what would he know? :wink:

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Daire played all of his development stuff in the backs. Almost all of his club up to minor in the backs. Was the full back on the Arrabawn winning team.

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If this game was €5 I’d head, not paying €10 to watch Dublin C team against Carlow.

would you go for €7.45?

Dont gate receipts from the O’Byrne & Walsh Cup games go to the Injured Players Fund?

What exactly is the injured players fund? Never ever mentioned other than during the O’Byrne/Walsh cup.

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It’s not just to assist injured players but also hardship cases who need help - things that would not be public knowledge.

All provincial cups this month are for the same cause afaik.

Is it an association thing rather an initiative by the DCB?

Leinster Council administered

Surprised it’s not more widely publiscised, the pre season cups hardly raise all that much for them do they?

Not a fortune - depends on fixtures. I recall a few decent OBC crowds in PP over the years.

Laois v Westmeath drew close to 10,000 a few years back