Walsh Cup 2018

We could well be, I barely know what day of the week it is at this stage of the holidays.


We surely are…‘away’ to them in Abbotstown at 20.00 on Wednesday; remember losing to them up in Navan in the old 1A under Fennelly. Great days!!


Saw that alright! But how is Abbotstown a home game for Meath? We have Antrim in Parnell Pk Sunday week at 2pm.


We should be way ahead of a lot of teams with the very hard work 'this group put in on the other side of Christmas .

Kilkenny were probably training like dogs since August! Do you think Davy gave the Wexford players a festive break? How likely is it that Kevin Martin, as new Offaly manager, is waiting until January to begin collective training? Galway are back too!

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Beat me to it @Iomaint I doubt the others are sitting around waiting for January.

Another big pair of boots for kilkenny to fill. Absolute horse of a man.

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Super player at his peak! A thorn in the side of many a team!

Sounds like a decent match

Good win for Meath over Antrim in our group.

We ought to top the group so long as we don’t have a management team from a different sport in charge :yum:

Just change the ball to a size 5 and we will have a local derby! :crazy_face:

Limerick look like they might have a say in 1B

When are we playing?

17th Feb with Galway the week after. Games before this are a real chance to look at lads/system.

I know these early season (very late season?) matches aren’t a great gauge but limerick will be no pushover given we won’t have the cuala players and New management will still be trying things out.

We won’t getting out of 1B without the Cuala lads. Championship will be the guage of the team this year.

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League will be to develop a style of play I expect, hear we had a sweeper and two man ff line in the blue stars match.

Oh great. Just what I wanted for Christmas.